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This Is Us Shows Us Jack's Last Day Alive

And it'll break your heart

Megan Vick

This Is Us has finally reached the point of no return. Tuesday's episode flashed back to show fans Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) last day alive before a fire consumed the Pearson family home.

Fittingly, Jack's last day was Super Bowl Sunday which he and Rebecca dubbed "The Worst Pearson Super Bowl Ever." It started with Jack getting into a fight with Kate (Hannah Zelle) over sending in a video tape audition for the last round of her college conservatory application. It escalated to a blow up with Kevin (Logan Shroyer) where the eldest Pearson son lamented having to go to community college and not getting the life he imagined to be so much greater than his parents'. The final salt in the wound was Randall (Niles Fitch) ditching the game to go on his first date, leaving Jack and Rebecca to watch the last Super Bowl the family would spend together alone.

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The final moments of the episode broke down exactly how the fire started. It was an old crockpot, used to make Super Bowl chili, that set the kitchen ablaze when an errant spark landed on a dry dish towel situated nearby. Since Jack and Rebecca forgot to pick up batteries at the mall for the smoke detector, the entire downstairs was in flames before any of the Pearsons realized what was going on.

So now we can confirm that Jack at least died from side effects of the fire, but all of our questions won't be answered until the Super Bowl episode that airs on Sunday, Feb. 4. The full hour will be centered on how each of the Pearsons (minus Kevin, who decided to stay the night at his girlfriend's house instead of coming home to apologize to his father) made it out of the house and it will reveal exactly what happened to Jack in his final moments.

Jack's last day wasn't perfect, but in a lot of ways it mirrored the man fans have grown to love over the course of two seasons. He is flawed and occasionally overzealous, but he loves his family above all else and all of them knew that before he passed. The tragedy of Jack Pearson is that he never got to see his full potential or fulfill all of his own aspirations.

There are still many questions to be answered in the next episode, but one thing is for sure: stock up on tissues.

This Is Us returns Sunday, Feb. 4 after Super Bowl LII.