Question: I think you're incredibly handsome and possibly one of the best actors I've ever seen. Do you have anything on the Numbers finale!?

Answer: Yes! The show is doing something no hourlong drama has done before: "We're not killing off any regular characters in our finale," declares exec producer Cheryl Heuton. "We like our characters, and we're just getting to know some of them. Can't kill them yet. Maim, yes. Kill, no." It's already out there that JoBeth Williams will be playing Charlie and Don's dead mother, Margaret, in a series of visions, but Heuton tells me that the May 19 season-ender will also feature a guest turn by Olympia Dukakis. "She'll play somebody's mother, [but] a very much alive mother." Also, Heuton shares that "the character of Alan will be central to a shocking incident that not only terrifies Charlie but scared Judd Hirsch who thought he was being written out of the show. Yes, it's that shocking."