Julie Bowen Julie Bowen

We know she's hot. We know she's hilarious. But here are four things you may not know about Modern Family's Julie Bowen:

1. She got her start on soaps.
"It was my first paid job!" Bowen recalls of her days on ABC's Loving. "I played a sorority sister who was dumpy and unattractive. I thought I had won the lottery, I was so grateful."

2. She didn't get the Lost finale, either.
"I got that it wasn't about the polar bears." Still, the woman who played Jack Shephard's wife jokes, "They should have run a crawl [on] screen that said, 'We're not explaining everything.'"

3. She's the national spokesperson for the American Lung Association's "Faces of Influenza" campaign.
"Sometimes I'm an OK parent, sometimes I give too much candy. But there's one thing I know to do: Get my kids immunized."

4. She's a lot like her type A character.
"We both hate the messy junk drawer," she confesses. "But Claire has a way better blowout every day than I ever do!"

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