Mandy Patinkin by Michael Desmond/Touchstone Television Mandy Patinkin by Michael Desmond/Touchstone Television

It's official. Doris Roberts and I are the only two remaining showbiz "names" that haven't been approached about replacing Mandy Patinkin on Criminal Minds.

Early on, you'll recall, Oscar winner Geena Davis was considered to be the front-runner to get the job. But she took a pass, according to my spy, because she wasn't keen on "the nature of the show." (Funny - she didn't seem to have a problem with "the nature" of the Geena Davis Show, and that was god-awful.) Michael Keaton nixed the gig, too, presumably because he wasn't ready to do TV full-time.

And they're just the tip of the iceberg. To give you some idea of just how wide a net the show's producers are casting, I've listed some celebs that are under consideration below, with a few key letters asterisked out to protect their anonymity. Of course, if Shemar Moore wants to blab their identities, too, who am I to shush him?

Among the stars who've been approached and took a pass:

**b ***k*n*
J*** **t**ow
Si****ne* **av*r

Among the new leading candidates are:

*arv*y Ke***l
****** *****e

So, guesses? The first three are so obvious, they're a gimme. But the last two... Yep, I'd wager to say you have as big a challenge on your hands as Minds' producers do. Good luck!