We haven't seen the last of Monica Reyes on The X-Files.

On Sunday, actress Annabeth Gish shared an image from the set of the revived Fox series, and X-Files fans are jumping for joy over the fact that Monica Reyes' story line isn't going to end on the controversial note it did in the Season 10 episode in which she appeared.

Reyes joined The X-Files in its eighth season to help bolster the cast once David Duchovny's role on the show became limited due to his legal disagreements with the network.

She returned for the sixth episode of Season 10, which revealed that Monica left her post at the FBI to work for "The Smoking Man" and his campaign to depopulate the planet. She was considered a "coward" by Scully (Gillian Anderson) and, although she did provide crucial information to stymie the spread of the Spartan virus, many Monica Reyes fans found her arc to be unsatisfying.

Shall we? #iwanttobelieve👽#monicareyes #xfiles

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Whether or not she'll actually redeem herself remains to be seen, but as the hashtag indicates, fans "want to believe."

Season 11 of The X-Files is expected to premiere in 2018.