In what might be one of the best trolls of the year, The Walking Dead - the comic, not the show - tweeted out an image Wednesday that dug into the deep anxiety we all felt while agonizing over whether or not Glenn (Steven Yeun) survived.

The Walking Dead boss on Glenn's fake-out death: we weren't playing with people's emotions

Knowing full well that all of America is currently losing over another tale of life and death, Making a Murderer, The Walking Dead tweeted a mashup of the two, Faking a Murder, with Yeun's face where Steven Avery's should be.

It's clear the graphic's creators were delighting in their ability to manipulate our emotions when they added the caption, "If Season 6 of #TheWalkingDead were on @Netflix." We can't even hate on it! Well done, The Walking Dead, well done.

Check out the image below.