The Walking Dead returns this Sunday to begin the second half of its sixth season, and if you've been watching the series from the beginning, then you know that right now the ensemble cast is a liiiiiittle overbloated, thanks in part to the excess baggage known as the Alexandrians. When we last visited Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his merry band of survivors, they were scattered around town while a horde of zombies swamped the grounds... a perfect opportunity for the show to thin the crowd.

The first half of Season 6 ended with Rick and others covered in zombie guts to mask their scent from the walkers, and then Sam (Major Dodson) --Jessie's (Alexandra Breckenridge) youngest son who is afraid of his own shadow--blew their cover by crying out to his mommy. Meanwhile, Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) were trying to break in to Alexandria, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) was stuck on a raised platform, and Carol (Melissa McBride) and Morgan (Lennie James) were unconscious. Someone's gotta die, right?

We can only hope and dream until Sunday, but there's nothing to stop us from making a wishlist today. Who do YOU want to see start their journey through the intestinal tract of a horde of zombies? Which characters are you mad at for their dumb behavior? To which characters are you ready to say, "GTFO, sucka!"? Let's highlight some major candidates for death and then put all of the living characters to a vote:

Father Gabriel, the cowardly God man

Ugh, this guy SUCKS. If he had his way, he'd be in the corner of a padded cell sucking his thumb while the rest of the world collapsed around him. He left his "flock" to die by locking them out of his church, which I'm pretty sure would be frowned upon by his supposed boss, the big guy upstairs. And THEN he stabbed Rick and the group in the back by telling Deanna that they were evil? Time to start praying to Satan, Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), because you'll be spending a lot of time with him soon.

Sam, the scaredy squirt

I still have a bruise on my face in the shape of my palm from when Sam called out for his mommy while walking through a swarm of zombies in the climax of Season 6A. For all we know, he could--and should--be dead already for that total lapse in common sense, no matter how much fudge was in his Underoos from fear. He also spent all of Season 6A getting room service from his mom and is clearly here just to be a pain in everyone's behind. These kind of characters never make it long in The Walking Dead, and the series has not been shy about killing off children (miss you, Lizzie!).

Ron, the nightmare tween

Jessie's oldest son (Austin Abrams) put his hormonal teen feelings before the security of Alexandria when he attempted to murder Carl for making moves on Enid. There's no room for this sort of selfishness in the zombie apocalypse, dude! The problem here is that Ron's death from his own stupidity may come at the cost of some innocent bystanders who also fall victim to Ron's stupidity. Can't he just fall off a cliff "accidentally"?

Spencer, the tight-roping idiot

You may remember Spencer (Austin Nicols) from his moronic idea to recreate Man on a Wire over a mass of zombies by himself in order to get a car because he felt guilty about stuff. Or from when he decided to steal scotch and food from the town's supply because screw everyone else. Or you may remember him from his punchable face. No matter how you remember Spencer, you also remember that you really, really want him to be dead.

Carl "Coral" Grimes

Look, people seem to not like Carl (Chandler Riggs). I'm not really one of them, but I definitely think he looks dumb in that hat and his hair is an uncontrollable disaster. Carl's biggest problem is that the writers haven't given us that juicy Carl storyline, so I won't blame the character for that. But the public demands his head, so here's your chance.

Olivia the pantry guard

How is this woman (Ann Mahoney) still alive yet Tyreese is dead?