The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman attended the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas this week, and during a panel discussion honoring the AMC megahit, dropped some interesting notes about what to expect in the show's upcoming sixth season.

Based on what Kirkman said, here's what we know about Season 6 so far, along with some new tidbits on Fear the Walking Dead...

How will Rick and Morgan get along now that they're in the same place?

Rick and Morgan's "reunion" at the end of Season 5 will definitely be important. According to The Wrap, Kirkman said that "having Rick and Morgan together, finally, again is a huge deal, and it's definitely going to be a big part of Season 6." However, Kirkman also said that it's going to be "a very different Rick and a very different Morgan who are going to have a completely different relationship."

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Uh-oh, could Glenn be the next major character to die?

The Wrap reports that Kirkman and Steven Yeun, who was also part of the panel, danced around the possibility of Glenn's death. However, they did reveal that if Glenn dies, his death will be meaningful. "The writers and everybody really want to focus on making things poignant and purposeful and meaningful," Yeun said. "So if it were for Glenn to go, then it's probably going to be awesome."

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What will new companion series Fear the Walking Dead entail?

Regarding The Walking Dead's upcoming companion series Fear the Walking Dead, Kirkman said that the (very unfortunate) title refers to the earlier days of the outbreak, and that the show will take us "back to a time when the walking dead were much more dangerous and a much more ever-present threat, and so it's definitely a time to fear the walking dead."

Will the companion series reveal how the zombie outbreak began?

In short, don't get your hopes up. According to Mashable, Kirkman said that addressing the origins of the virus is "not the priority" because "every other story deals with that stuff and we're concerned about the heart." Kirkman also revealed that "I know the [origin] story, but I've never bothered to write it down. Let's hope I don't die."

Watch a series of excerpts from the panel below: