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Negan Shares Some Wisdom the Way Only He Can in This Exclusive The Walking Dead Sneak Peek

Put your you-know-whattin' pants back on

Liam Mathews

When Negan says people are putting their s---tin' pants back on, you better listen. Because that man knows a thing or two about s---tin' pants.

The Season 10 premiere of The Walking Dead picks up about six months after the massacre and the storm. The communities and the Whisperers are coexisting by staying way away from each other, with both sides respecting the border established by Alpha (Samantha Morton). But the discovery of a skin left behind by the Whisperers on the Alexandrians' side creates a lot of fear and worry among the leaders, who aren't sure how to handle it.

The only person who knows what to do is Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and he's going to stay out of it. Once he finds out about the skin, he goes right back to his cell, where Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) finds him in this exclusive sneak peek.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Everything We Know So Far

"Why don't you just nestle in below me and let me baby-bird a little bit of my wisdom into that pretty little mouth of yours," Negan says when the priest asks what's on his mind. "You see, people tend to get mixed up on who they hate. Yesterday I was public enemy number one. Now I'm the guy that picks the vegetables and takes out the trash. I'm OK with that. For now, at least. But until this whole thing passes, I'm gonna keep my head down so people don't move me from the proverbial semi-us category to the category of them."

Negan sees the writing on the wall: When the real enemy is elusive, people will look for enemies in their midst, because they're scared -- putting their s---tin' pants on -- and looking for some way to release that fear. And Negan wants no part of that. But really, how long will he be able to stay out of it?

The Walking Dead Season 10 premieres Sunday, Oct. 6 at 9/8c on AMC.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Seth Gilliam, The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Seth Gilliam, The Walking Dead

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC