It's always a welcome change of pace when The Walking Dead has a sense of humor about itself. It's usually so deadly serious that every hoverboard sketch or Robot Chicken special goes a long way for fans who like to see the actors have a little fun every now and then.

And they went all-in for Thursday's Red Nose Day charity special, imagining the opening credits for a Star Wars Holiday Special-inspired show where Glenn is a ventriloquist, Rosita is a standup comedian from the '80s and Carol plays an epic 16-minute drum solo that, judging by her facial expression, is agonizing.

Melissa McBride, <em>Red Nose Day Special</em>Melissa McBride, Red Nose Day Special

The sketch begins with Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln hilariously bullying Josh McDermitt, then showing some equally hilarious self-awareness when discussing how unremittingly grim the show is all the time.

"Don't you just wish you could do something ... lighter?" Lincoln, using his never-not-jarring real English accent, asks Reedus. "It would be kind of amazing, freeing, to do something completely different."

"Something that would bring sweetness and light into the world," agrees Reedus.

Then they launch into the opening credits for "The Walking Dead Red Nose Day Special," a very silly Star Wars Holiday Special parody that in addition to the regular cast (with the notable absence of Lauren Cohan, who usually shows up for these kind of things) also stars TWD superfan Yvette Nicole Brown, Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick and memeable human Jeff Goldblum.

On a serious note, I had never thought about adding a 16-minute drum solo to The Walking Dead, but now I really want to see it. I think it would improve the show immensely, and break the show out of its pattern of predictability. Take note, AMC.