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The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Says Maggie's Story Is "Not Finished"

She's leaving for now, but maybe not for good?

Liam Mathews

Will Maggie Rhee be one of the rare characters to leave The Walking Dead in one piece?

It kind of sounds that way. In an interview on Andy Cohen's radio show Andy Cohen Live on Wednesday, as reported by ET, Maggie portrayer Lauren Cohan said that her "Walking Dead story is open, it's not finished," despite the fact that Cohan is leaving the show in Season 9.

Cohen asked Cohan about the salary dispute with AMC that may have contributed to her decision to leave the show (she reportedly wanted parity with co-stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus), to which she replied: "It wasn't actually that I was asking for it, it was that my contract had finished. So that's a pretty standard renegotiation."

"But it's also sort of time for me to explore comedy and happier fare, " she added, referencing her upcoming ABC show Whiskey Cavalier, an action series with a much lighter tone than The Walking Dead.

"The good news, which is good for me and I hope good news for fans is that my Walking Dead story is open, it's not finished," she said.

"We don't close doors, we don't break up with someone and forget about them and delete them from your life. No, things transition into different places," she teased. Listen to the interview clip here:

The Walking Dead: Don't Expect Maggie and Rick to Fight to the Death

She might just be teasing Season 9, saying that her story is open right now because we haven't seen how it ends yet, or she might actually be saying that Maggie's exit won't be final and she may be seen again some day. Andrew Lincoln, who is also leaving in Season 9, said something similar at San Diego Comic-Con -- "My relationship with Mr. Grimes is far from over" -- but he sounded like he meant emotionally, not story-wise. But Cohan's statement sounds a little more literal.

We won't know exactly how Rick and Maggie leave the show until Season 9 is in full swing (Lincoln and Cohan will appear in multiple episodes, but not the full season). The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, Oct. 7 at 9/8c on AMC.