If you're not yet caught up on The Walking Dead's eighth season, look away now because this post is full of spoilers about what went down in the mid-season finale.



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Okay, by now we all know that Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) is not long for this world.

Thanks to his extracurricular activities of late — namely, saving Saddiq (Avi Nash) above his father's objections — Carl has a nice walker bite mark on his middle, which means his dad can't whip out a hatchet and run some Herschel Greene-style limb-loss interference on him.

But comics writer and show producer Robert Kirkman has suggested that it might not be over for Carl just yet — despite all signs to the contrary, including the actor's father getting up in arms about his perceived canning.

Per ComicBook.com, Kirkman appeared at the Walker Stalker Cruise's Q&A session recently and suggested that we might get to hear Rick Grimes shout CORAL! just a few more times than we might expect, going forward into the second half of the season.

"He's not dead yet. He might not die. You never know," Kirkman teased.

Of course, all logic points to this being a non-starter, but weirder things have happened on this show before (lookin' at you, Governor's hall of fish tank heads).

Kirkman continued, however, by saying that if Carl does bite it, so to speak, it'll have quite an impact on his dear old dad, who's been trying to keep him safe all this time. "I think if, were that to happen, I think that it would have some interesting ramifications on Rick, that I think would energize and really kind of set things in motion in a really interesting way leading to the resolution of 'all out war' in a way that will make for a very exciting back half to Season 8."

The Walking Dead Season 8B premieres Sunday, Feb. 25 at 9/8c on AMC.