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The Walking Dead Fans React To [SPOILER]'s "Death"


Alexander Zalben

Warning: Spoilers for the latest episode ofThe Walking Deadpast this point.

Is your face covered in tears and pudding right now? Are you closing one eye in solidarity with the recently departed Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) or roller skating your way down a road of sorrow? If so, you're definitely not alone, as fans (celebrity and otherwise) took to Twitter by the droves to mourn the loss of one of the original Walking Dead characters.

In case you didn't watch the episode, here's how things went down. After a heated battle at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Carl and the rest of the Grimes Gang made it to safety in sewer tunnels underneath the community... except, as Carl's dad Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his de facto mom Michonne (Danai Gurira) found out, he had been bitten by a walker days earlier, while trying to save the life of a man named Siddiq (Avi Nash).

Riggs will return for one more episode when the show returns next year, in order to take care of some of Carl's unfinished business -- mainly making sure Rick learns the concept of mercy -- but that doesn't mean fans aren't FREAKING OUT.

That bit of business out of the way, on to the bevy of emotions!

Some people were in a serious state of denial.

Others were in a serious state of Daryl cry-face.

Everyone will be working their therapist overtime this week.

One fan remembered the wise words of Carl's mom:

Another remembered the most important Carl moment of all time:

This guy is all of us.

The official Walking Dead account was here to assure us that, no, you did not imagine this happening.

But ultimately, let's be honest: we're all crying.

Even Chandler Riggs.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, Feb. 25 at 9/8c on AMC.