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The Vampire Diaries' Candice King Reveals Which Iconic Klaroline Scene Was Terrifying to Film

Who knew the horse scene was such a mess!

Lindsay MacDonald

The Vampire Diariesfans (Klaroline fans in particular) remember all too well the iconic horse scene between Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline Forbes (Candice King) from way back in Season 3 of the CW show. What they might not know about that scene though is how close Candice King came to losing a finger while filming it!

Last month, King stopped by TV Guide's San Diego Comic-Con suite to record her utterly addictive podcast, Directionally Challenged, with The Vampire Diariesshowrunner Julie Plec, Roswell, New Mexico showrunner Carina Mackenzie, and Legacies actor Aria Shahghasemi, among others. When the conversation turned to horses (there doesn't need to be a reason, but they had been discussing the headless horseman in Legacies' Season 1 finale), King shared one of her filming run-ins with one of the four-legged beasts that turned out to be less than stellar.

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"I've had some bad experiences with horses on set," King revealed. "In real life I love horses, I will go ride, I have no issues, but for some reason on a set, I've just had bad experiences. The very popular Klaroline scene of Klaus and Caroline with the horse... so we're standing outside, it's like 3 in the morning because it's a night shoot, and I'm in like this dress, and there's this whole storyline where [...] I have to stand next to a horse and like admire it," King said. "And I was supposed to be petting it while this other character, Klaus, comes out and tries to talk to me. So we're standing outside next to this horse, and the horse actually tries to bite me... I guess the trainer was like, 'Yeah, he gets a little nervous around bright lights.' We're at a night shoot! So literally every take it would be me backing up farther. They'd be like, 'We'll just go again, just back up farther,' and he'd try to nip me again! So the scene ended up being me just standing very far away from the horse like looking at it."

Looking back on that scene, it did feel a little strange that Caroline was admiring the horse from a weirdly safe distance. It makes a lot more sense when you realize King was just trying to save life and limb. Who knew that one of fans' favorite romantic moments for that couple was actually pretty terrifying? At least "romantic yet terrifying" is on-brand for The Vampire Diaries!

Check out the first half of the two-part podcast with other Vampire Diaries guest stars Michael Malarkey and Matt Davis!

​Candice King and Joseph Morgan, The Vampire Diaries

Candice King and Joseph Morgan, The Vampire Diaries

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