As it turns out, there's a good number of people who found the moon blocking the sun's light more interesting than Netflix. The streaming service revealed that it saw a 10 percent dive in streaming during Monday's solar eclipse.

"Hey, just wondering why 10% of you chose to watch a giant rock cover a giant ball of gas when I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR YOU," the company tweeted. "But really, there was a 10% drop in plays during the eclipse today. Well played, Moon."

The event marked the first time in 99 years that North America was able to see the eclipse in its entirety. The lucky individuals in the "path of totality" also experienced total darkness in the middle of the day.

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Monday also saw a disruption in linear TV viewing when Donald Trump addressed the nation about his new strategy on Afghanistan. The speech interrupted a night of new programming, including So You Think You Can Dance and Bachelor in Paradise.

Network TV has since returned to its regularly scheduled programming. As for Netflix, they've probably already forgotten that three-minute drop in streaming.