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The Simpsons: Here's What Really Happened with Homer and Marge's Breakup

Talk about a nightmare

Joyce Eng

In the end, it was all Hannah Horvath's fault.

The Simpsons split up Homer and Marge as expected on Sunday's Season 27 premiere, but as executive producer Al Jean had later clarified, a separation does not necessarily mean they will divorce.

And they didn't. Because it was a dream. Actually multiple dreams. Christopher Nolan would be proud.

After Homer failed to do anything about his narcolepsy, the pair separated following a marriage counseling session, where Homer had dreamt he promised Marge he'd be the perfect husband. He then began dating a pharmacist named Candace (voiced by Lena Dunham) and Marge began dating Candace's father. When Marge wakes up and decides to ask the counselor whether to end their marriage, the whole thing was revealed to be a dream of Dunham's Girls character Hannah after she got a Simpsons tattoo. See? Simpception.

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Jean confirmed to TVLine that none of the episode's events really happened, and Homer and Marge are still making it work after all these years.

"What we're saying is that people try to find a solution to a marriage problem, and some problems have no solution. People stay together despite their flaws," he says. "We're cognitive of the criticism that we've done a lot of stories about Homer and Marge having trouble. But anyone who's been married knows that marriages have rough patches that come and go. I thought this was a great way to play with the form."
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