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5 Things We Need to See in The Originals Before It Ends

Reunions, romance and more

Keisha Hatchett

Well, it looks like that "Always and forever" vow actually has an expiration date. On Thursday, creator Julie Plec unveiled the heart-crushing news that The Originals is ending after five seasons. Just a few months ago, we bid farewell to its parent show, The Vampire Diaries, and now we'll have to do it all over again for our beloved spin-off.

With the final season approaching, we've compiled a list of what we want to see before it ends.

The Mikaelsons reunited: What's an Original Family if they're all split up? As dysfunctional as they are together, there's nothing worse than seeing them apart. In the Season 4 finale, the Mikaelsons went their separate ways for good thanks to the Hallow, the dark force now inhabiting our favorite immortal siblings. But if we've learned anything from Julie Plec's supernatural world, it's that there is always another way. There has to be!

Elijah's memories restored: Elijah (Daniel Gillies) electing to have his memories erased by Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Vincent ( Yusuf Gatewood) as a way of protecting his family is the added heartbreak we definitely didn't need. How can the family reunite if the one person keeping them together doesn't even remember who he is and who they are? No, this cannot stand. We need our Elijah fully intact. There is no other option.

Josh to have a real plot again: We love Josh (Steven Krueger). His friendship with Davina (Danielle Campbell) was one of the best things about the show. When she died, however, it's like everyone forgot he existed. We're tired of seeing him straddled to the sidelines. He's smart and funny and has a lot more to offer than occasionally showing up to babysit or run errands. For Pete's sake, give him something more to do!

Marcel and the Mikaelsons to call a permanent truce: It's not a tale as old as time but their feud feels pretty close to it. Since Season 1 we've watched Marcel clash with his former adopted family over things like loyalty to one another and control of New Orleans. We've been down this road far too often and now it's time to bury the hatchet for good. Perhaps in a group therapy session?

Klaroline: For years we've shivered with antici....pation over whether or not Caroline (Candice King) would finally give into her feelings for Klaus. It briefly happened during their wood romp in The Vampire Diaries Season 5's "500 Years of Solitude" but now it's time for something more concrete. With Caroline headed to the Season 5 premiere, there's no more room for teasing. We need Klaroline to happen for real. Besides, isn't Klaus vowing to be her last love pretty much a confirmation that they're endgame?

What do you want to see in Season 5?