Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned and unfortunately for The Originals, that scorned person is now the most powerful vampire in the world.

Lucien (Andrew Lees) has gone fully nuclear after seeing the video footage of Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) admitting that she'll never really love him. In fact, she's just using him as a means to an end to exact her revenge on Klaus (Joseph Morgan). That wasn't the smartest thing to say about a vampire who just drank a serum that not only giveshim the powers of an Original vampire, but has the added bonus of a lethal werewolf venom.

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While Lucien's next meeting with Aurora will undoubtedly be brutal, he's going after Klaus - the man he holds responsible for taking Aurora away from him - first, and he's going to hit where it hurts. The closing moments ofFriday's episode had Lucien infecting Cami (Leah Pipes) with his deadly bite. Now the clock is ticking for Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelsons to save her - but can they find a way to defeat Lucien in time?

Executive producer Michael Narducci talked to TVGuide.com about what Lucien plans now that Aurora has forsaken him and how the Mikaelsons will fight the two-front war being waged on their family.

What are Lucien's plans now that he knows how Aurora truly feels about him?

Michael Narducci: It does change his motives a bit. He went from being a lovestruck guy that loves the girl and wants to beat up the bully who kept the girl from him for a thousand years. Now, he's a heartbroken, shattered, romantic. We all know that hell hath no fury like a person that is scorned. He's going to blame Klaus that Aurora's love has strayed away from him. He's going to take out his anger by hurting someone close to Klaus and draw Klaus out into a fight that Lucien knows he can win.

Does that mean Cami's fate isn't sealed and Klaus still has a chance to save her?

Narducci: We know that Finn had a little bit of time before that poison took effect, so Cami is not dead at the end of the episode. In fact, I would say that Lucien is hoping that the dying Cami is exactly what he needs to get Klaus to come to him.

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What is that fight between Lucien and Klaus going to look like considering Lucien's abilities?

Narducci:Lucien has created himself into something else and that thing can even kill Klaus. He's stronger, faster, more durable and a bite that could even kill Klaus. So if Klaus goes head-to-head with Lucien, Klaus is going to lose. We're building towards a final confrontation between them where if Klaus wants to win he's going to have to rely on others. This is not something that Klaus is particularly good at. Last year, to defeat Dahlia he went it alone. This year, if he were to go that route, he'll die. It's really a testament to the Mikaelson family that are they going to be able to face this threat as a family, [but] what will that cost them?

The Ancestors are also trying to take out the Mikaelsons at the same time. Are we building up to a witch and vampire war in the season finale?

Narducci:. It's not a witch and vampire war, it's a war against the Mikaelsons that is taking place on two different fronts. On one front, there's Klaus versus Lucien and he's going to need some help to survive. On another front, there's Davina realizing that the ancestors are hellbent on using Kol to destroy her and anybody else that would side with the Mikaelsons. Kol, Davina, Vincent and some other characters are going to have to figure out what they can do to stand up against this unstoppable force. How do you stop a collection of dead spirits that are all powerful because their power is rooted in the power of New Orleans? They can be anywhere and do anything. They have an incredible amount of power and our protagonists are the underdog in this scenario.

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Kol is still stuck in New Orleans at the end of the episode. Will he come back to Davina to figure it out or will he still try to keep his distance even if he can't leave the city?

Narducci: Kol knows he's in a difficult place. He has these urges and he could be a threat to Davina, so he is not going to go back to her. He's going to try desperately to find a way to keep himself from giving in to all of this blood lust. Whether or not Davina finds him because she's worried that this guy who she deeply cares for, is another question.

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