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The Originals: Kol's Return Will Make the Prophecy That Much More Difficult to Decipher

Nathaniel Buzolic gives the scoop

Megan Vick

Kol Michaelson (Nathaniel Buzolic) rejoined the world of living vampires at the end of last Friday's The Originals, much to the delight of Davina (Danielle Campbell) and the fans who petitioned to see him again.

While a Mikaelson family reunion is always something to look forward to, it also comes with complications. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) were just starting to make headway in predicting how the prophecy fortelling their deaths would unfold, but adding another family member to the mix is like adding another 100 pieces to the puzzles. It only enlarges the list of friends and foes that would want one of the original vampires dead.

That's a rough situation to return to, especially when all you want to do is spend some time with the love of your life that brought you back from the dead in the first place. Buzolic tells TVGuide.com what Kol is thinking now that he's back and what fans can expect from the "complicated" reunions with his family and Davina.

Did you get your "Klaroine" fix in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals crossover?

How has being dead for so long changed Kol?

Buzolic: You give someone a second chance at life and they aren't going to take it for granted, particularly when you've been gone for so long. Definitely, for the character it's one of those situations where now that he's alive he definitely doesn't want to die again.

What are Kol's allegiances now that he's back? Is he ready and willing to rejoin the Mikaelson fold?

Buzolic: The one thing that's most important to [Kol] is the person that brought him back. His number one priority is Davina. There's a really great little love story there. It's almost like Romeo and Juliet-esque, only if Juliet could bring Romeo back from the dead. That's such a bond between these two characters that will be very difficult to break.

So are they stronger than ever or is it more complicated than that?

Buzolic: Anything to do with the Mikaelsons is a difficult situation. Unfortunately, they don't live in a perfect world. They live in a very twisted and broken world. There are some challenges both of them will have to face. Obviously, Davina had become accustomed to the Kol that was in a witch's body. Now that he's a vampire again it comes with different weaknesses.

Kol tried to warn Davina about working with the Strix. Will there still be reprecussions to her working with them to bring him back?

Buzolic: What you reap is what you sow. There will definitely be consequences to come. Every time [Kol] has warned someone, whether it be on The Vampire Diaries or The Orignals, something bad tends to happen. It's going to be one of those times where you're like "Well, you probably should have listened to Kol, everybody."

How will Kol's arrival complicate evading the prophecy?

Buzolic: It puts everyone in question, and it asks the question, "Who did the Mikaelsons get on the wrong side of? Who is an enemy and a force to be reckoned with?" They have this mystery presence of the prophecy. It's definitely going to be an interesting few episodes ahead and the audience is really, really going to respond to it. There's a love story unfolding among all of the chaos.

What are you most excited about now that Kol is actually alive instead of a spirit or a vision?

Buzolic: It's just great that the fans got what they wanted. I know they've been petitioning to bring this character back, which has been so flattering. I hope they love what we've been working on. The next episode is a really beautiful episode that shows Kol in a completely different light. Daniel Sharman did such a good job playing the character as a witch, but now it's time to show the Kol Mikaelson they all loved as a vampire and how he navigates through being a vampire again and also being in love with a girl. He's also got to deal with the complicated issues of being a Mikaelson.

The Originals airs at 9/8c on The CW.

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