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The Masked Singer Season 3: Who Is the Banana?

He's dressed like a softie but underneath he's poison

Malcolm Venable

Of all the performers left in Season 3 of The Masked Singer, Banana isn't exactly the most appealing when it comes to performing. When compared to big-time belters Night Angel, Turtle, and Astronaut, Banana is clearly the most likely to slip on out of the competition first. After all, for a good chunk of the competition, we thought he was a stand-up comedian -- not the best endorsement of your vocal chops.

As the weeks rolled on, though, Banana has been "pudding" on some entertaining performances that betray his real profession -- actual rock star -- and it's become increasingly clear he's Bret Michaels, formerly of the band Poison. How many reasons do we have to believe it's him? A bunch.

The Masked Singer Season 3: Ironclad Theories About Each Masked Celebrity's Identity

Early on, Banana definitely threw us off with a reference to blowfish and his admission that he's a hoot at parties, which certainly sounded like he was hinting that he's Darius Rucker of Hootie & the Blowfish. But a rendition of Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart," killed that theory, because Rucker's voice...doesn't sound like that. Banana had made a couple quips about "blue collar," which made many of us guess he was a comedian, but in Episode 10, he said he wasn't a "stand-up" guy, and finished off the comedian theory for good. When you consider that Bret Michaels has a Pets Rock collection at PetSmart, though, that feels like a deliberate fake-out. Another time, we saw him in front of a bus, a possible nod at his reality show Rock of Love. Then there was that blowfish we saw once, and blowfish are -- you guessed it -- poisonous. You can't slip by us any more, Bret Michaels, we know that's you!

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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer


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