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The Last Ship: Rescue Comes for the Crew, But at a Price

Rescue finally comes for the kidnapped crew on this week's episode of The Last Ship.

Merrill Barr

After weeks of waiting, rescue has finally come for the kidnapped crew members of the Nathan James. However, not everyone made it back to the ship in one piece.

The crew had be held hostage by pirate leader Takehaya (Hiroyuki Sanada), who wanted them for their blood (the crew is immune to the virus that's infected most of the rest of the world). But naturally, it was Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) to the rescue... Though the crew lost three of their own in the process, including Petty Officer Cruz (Ness Bautista).

The Last Ship postmortem: Eric Dane breaks down that romantic moment.

Even with the loss of crew (RIP Cruz), the show continues to balance masterfully crafted action this season with small scale set pieces. Last week we were contained to a minefield at sea. This week we were contained to the pirate stronghold. Usually The Last Ship will go huge with its sets, but this season the show is keeping things small in all the right places.


In the final scene of the episode, Slattery (Adam Baldwin) asks who kidnapped the crew... He's got new suspicions after the Chinese secret service threw a wrench into the crew's rescue plan. So with the first half of the season done, and Tom on the case to discover who really is behind the crew's recent troubles: it's time to dive into some political conspiracy.

The Last Ship airs Sundays at 9/8c on TNT