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The Handmaid's Tale Just United Two Major Storylines

Um... awkward

Lindsay MacDonald

Ever since The Handmaid's Tale revealed that Luke (O-T Fagbenle) and Moira (Samira Wiley) both survived and made it to Canada, viewers have been splitting their time between watching Offred (Elisabeth Moss) in Gilead and the two of them up in "Little America." Now, the show has finally united those two storylines!

In this week's episode, The Waterford's were sent on a diplomatic mission to Canada, and naturally Nick (Max Minghella) went along with them. Thanks to one very high quality newscast, Moira spotted Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) arriving in Canada and identified him to Luke, who then stormed over to the Waterford's hotel for a very public confrontation.

Obviously it was super cathartic to watch Luke shout and scream and call Commander Waterford a rapist (even if it didn't do much good in the end), but the confrontation that ended up mattering more was between Luke and Nick.

In the safety of a dark bar, Nick was able to update Luke on June's life, including her pregnancy, and he even promised to take a message of love and devotion back to her. Umm... awkward. Nick wisely decided it wasn't the right time to tell Luke that June's unborn child wasn't, in fact, by Waterford but by himself, which was probably a pretty charitable omission. Nevertheless, that white lie feels like it's going to come back to bite him.

The Handmaid's Tale Mega Buzz: Nick's Child Bride Will Cause Trouble

In the end, Nick decided Luke was the perfect recipient for the package of letters June got from Mayday. At first, Luke and Moira just poured over the letters of imprisoned Handmaids with disgust and rage, but eventually they realized that while the mysterious package wasn't quite the bomb Moira expected it to be, it could still "go boom." They decided to post the letters online, proving Gilead to be an oppressive police state full of women who were dying to get out. The backlash from the letters even caused Canadian officials to kick the Waterfords out of the country.

Let's just hope Luke had the foresight to black out the names before posting them. Some of those girls could still be in Gilead, meaning their Mayday letter could also be their death sentence.

New episodes of The Handmaid's Tale are released every Wednesday on Hulu.

Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid's Tale

Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid's Tale

George Kraychyk, Hulu