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The Good Place's Chidi Is Jacked and People Can't Handle It

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Liam Mathews

The Good Place's anxious ethics professor Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper) is, for lack of a better word, a huge dork. He likes philosophy and sweater vests. But in Thursday's episode, "Jeremy Bearimy," he showed that he's a man who contains multitudes -- of abs! What I'm saying is Chidi took off his sweater vest and revealed a Hemsworth-esque body.

We had heard from Eleanor (Kristen Bell) that Chidi was "surprisingly jacked," but that was an unconfirmed report until Chidi had an existential crisis about the futility of trying to get into the Good Place by doing good deeds with impure motives and wandered into some sprinklers. He got soaked, and since he didn't care about anything, he just took his button-down shirt and sweater vest off in a single, impressive movement.

Damn, William Jackson Harper, I would read a Muscle & Fitness interview about your workout routine and then feel bad about not being able to do any of it!

In an interview with Shadow and Act, Harper said this episode was really hard for him to do. "I do not like taking my shirt off ever in public, so, this episode, I'm facing one of my five biggest fears," he said. "It was pretty nerve-wracking, honestly. I grew up sort of an awkward, chubby kid and I got made fun of a lot. It just sort of stays with you, even now at this age, as a very, very grown ass man, I'm still scared of it."

Well, Dub Jack, you have nothing to be scared of, except maybe people getting too thirsty over you.

The Good Place is so good at setting things up and then paying them off unexpectedly at a later date.

The Good Place airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.