If you thought there was just Chris, Liam and the Third Hemsworth, think again! The Good Place, the last remaining bastion of hope and happiness in these dark times, revealed in its last season that there's actually a secret fourth Hemsworth, and his name is Larry.

Larry was initially introduced in the show's best sight gag; as the cover of Eleanor's (Kristen Bell) Australian tabloid revealed, Larry is considered the "loser" Hemsworth. He's the "Hemsworth brother they don't want you to know about."

<em>The Good Place</em>The Good Place

Then we learned it's because Larry is just a pediatric surgeon who barely has an eight-pack and is not an actor who's really, really good looking. Only in the Hemsworth family would Larry be considered a loser though, because as Eleanor points out, he's got a perfect jaw line and zero percent body fat.

Which Character Are You in The Good Place?

Larry gets engaged to Tahani (Jameela Jamil) halfway through Season 3 — he can't wait to not be a Hemsworth anymore — but would Larry be your soulmate? Take our new quiz and find out which brother is your one true love.

The Good Place has been renewed for Season 4 on NBC. The other Hemsworth brothers can be seen on a big screen near you (or a small one in Australia).