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The Good Fight Mega Buzz: Lucca and Colin Are in for an Awkward Reunion

Now that Lucca's pregnant, things will be even more complicated between them

Keisha Hatchett

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The Good Fight's Lucca (Cush Jumbo) and Colin (Justin Bartha) may have parted on good terms but things are about to get super complicated now that Lucca is pregnant with her first child. When the former lovers come face-to-face in Season 2, that anticipated reunion probably won't go the way that you hope it will.

"When you break up with someone and a few weeks later, they bump into [you and] you're pregnant with probably someone else's baby, I think it's always gonna be a little awkward," Cush Jumbo told TV Guide.

Especially since we don't know the identity of her unborn child's father! And while a baby will surely make Lucca's life -- and potentially Colin's -- a bit messier, you can count on both of them to continue making their marks as brilliant lawyers in the courtroom.

"They're both very ambitious and driven so I don't think it's gonna stop them professionally but it's gonna make their personal life quite complicated," she added.

Whether or not the big baby news will lead to the former lovebirds reconciling remains to be seen. However, according to Jumbo, you probably shouldn't give up hope just yet. "There's always a possibility!" she teased.

Watch their Will They or Won't They saga continue when new episodes of The Good Fight arrive Sundays on CBS All Access.

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Justin Bartha, Cush Jumbo; The Good Fight

Justin Bartha, Cush Jumbo; The Good Fight

Patrick Harbron, CBS