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The Good Doctor's season finale left a lot of fans wondering about the state of Shaun's (Freddie Highmore) and Dr. Glassman's (Richard Schiff) jobs, but it also ended with another major loose end untouched: What is Shaun going to do about his dick of a neighbor, Kenny (Chris D'Elia)?

Throughout the first season, Kenny used Shaun for money and pizza, took his prized big screen TV without asking and then said Shaun's "quirks" made him too uncool to hang out with. Fortunately for viewers — and Shaun — executive producer David Shore told us that hurtful final scene was likely the last we'll see of Kenny.

So with Kenny's potential eviction seemingly just around the corner, does that mean the apartment will now be open for Shaun's psuedo-girlfriend Lea (Paige Spara) to move in? "We're looking to bringing back Lea next year as well," Shore teased. "We'll see who's in that apartment."

The Good Doctor: Shaun and Dr. Glassman Find Hope, But Are They Safe?

But while Shore wouldn't confirm where Lea would be living or what's next for her and Shaun, he did drop one conclusive fact about Season 2. "Shawn will get his TV back," Shore guaranteed.

Thank goodness! Now someone sign Kenny's eviction papers and get Lea back ASAP, please and thank you.

The Good Doctor returns this fall on ABC.