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Here's How The Gifted Is Going to Tackle the Magneto Issue

Daddy dearest is a huge thing for Lorna

Lindsay MacDonald

The Gifted premiered with a few pretty powerful mutants on its roster, but none so powerful as Lorna (Emma Dumont), who has an eerily familiar gift that allows her to control metal. Even the most casual X-Men fans know that power typically belongs to Magneto, and more hardcore fans will know that shared gift isn't a coincidence. In the comics Magneto is Lorna's father.

Showrunner Matt Nix said last week that The Gifted would incorporate that little detail of Lorna's parentage into the show, but don't expect Michael Fassbender or Ian McKellen to pop up in Season 1.

"I think that's actually a big part of her struggle this season specifically and going into next season," Dumont told TV Guide about Lorna's history with Magneto. "You know, she hears these rumors about who her true birth father is. They obviously have very similar abilities, and so she has a hard time figuring out what that means for her. Is he a villain like people say? Or is he just doing what he thinks is right? She has those same opinions and feelings, and she feels that same stubborn, hard-edged anger that [Magneto] is rumored to have, and people always compare them and say they're so similar. I think, she's longing for a family, but she doesn't know if that's the family she wants to be a part of, or if that makes her bad or not."

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For the most part, it sounds like Lorna won't have any firsthand experience with Magneto, despite knowing (or suspecting) that he's her father. Without confirmation on who her mother is, or what happened to her, most of Lorna's backstory remains a mystery.

The bigger mystery, however, is what happened to Professor X and Magneto in the first place.

"We're in a world where the Brotherhood and the X-Men exist/existed," Dumont says, "They live in a world where that's a mystery. It's almost like an urban legend... I think down the road some of those questions are definitely going to be answered because it changes the whole world that they're living in."

The Gifted has done a good job so far of not leaning on the X-Men franchise to support its narrative, but it kind of goes without saying that the audience will need answers about what happened to both groups of mutants -- whether it be good or bad -- before too long.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.

Emma Dumont, The Gifted