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The Gifted: Who Will Reed Double-Cross?

The resistance? Or Sentinel Services?

Lindsay MacDonald

Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) has gotten himself in a little bit of a pickle on The Gifted.

On one hand, he's promised Marcos (Sean Teale) that he'll help break Lorna (Emma Dumont) out of prison in exchange for help from the resistance for his family. On the other hand, he's just promised Agent Jace (Coby Bell) he'd hand over the resistance in exchange for the promise that his family would walk free. See how those two deals are kind of a conflict of interest?

While Marcos and the rest of the resistance are still reluctantly harboring the Strucker family, Reed has shown no signs of attempting to help Lorna, though he's not exactly in a position to do that anymore, being arrested and all. So who is he planning to betray here? The resistance? Or Agent Jace?

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"Reed will do anything to get back to see his family," Stephen Moyer told TV Guide at New York Comic-Con, when we asked about a potential double cross.

He was predictably cagey about what "anything" constitutes, but Coby Bell had more to say on the topic of where Reed Strucker's loyalty might lie.

"That's the interesting thing," Bell said. "Reed was on Jace's side like three days before this all happened. They were on the same team until this happened."

"They still feel the same sense of duty," Teale added. "He still feels that tie to it, so you'll have to see. It gets messy."

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When you factor in two decades of working against mutants with the government to two days of working with mutants against the government, it becomes harder and harder to believe that Reed would betray Sentinel Services. The X factor here is that his family is involved. And 20 years of being on the same team might mean absolutely nothing if Reed thinks Jace won't hold up his end of the deal and keep his family out of jail.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.

Stephen Moyer, The Gifted

Stephen Moyer, The Gifted