The Gifted's second episode was just as action-packed as the first, except this time the mutants found themselves in danger from one of their own.

After portaling back to the underground resistance base, Blink (Jamie Chung) was not doing so hot. Opening a portal that spanned so much distance was not something she'd ever done before, and her body couldn't quite handle the stress. While she tossed and turned through the mysterious illness she couldn't seem to shake, her powers had a mind of their own, opening up a portal to the same stretch of road over and over again.

Kate (Amy Acker) managed to save the day by stealing much needed medical supplies with the help of Marcos (Sean Teale), but we still have to ask... what was up with that stretch of road?

The Gifted Will Explore Polaris' Mental Illness in Depth

"We don't know a lot about Blink, but we do know she was in foster homes, jumping around through the system," Jamie Chung told TV Guide about Blink's mysterious history with that highway. "So I think you'll get a little bit more of why she's on the run and the family she had before. So yeah, all of that will be revealed."

It sounds like whatever went down on that highway, it's a real source of stress for Blink. So much so that even when unconscious, her mind involuntary returns to it over and over again.

The bad news? According to Chung, it looks like we'll have to wait until Episode 7 to find out these details about Blink's past.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.

Jamie Chung, <em>The Gifted</em>Jamie Chung, The Gifted