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The Gifted Will Explore Polaris' Mental Illness in Depth

"We definitely don't tip-toe around that on the show"

Megan Vick

Emma Dumont revealed thatThe Gifted will explore Polaris' mental illness on a much deeper level during the show's panel at New York Comic Con on Sunday.

The superhero series, which kicked off on Fox on Monday, is set in a time when mutants are being hunted as dangerous persons. The X-Men are underground, leaving lower-level mutants to fend for themselves against a government that wants to see them extinct, or at the very least held behind bars.

Polaris is one of the unlucky mutants to be imprisoned and as the show explores her struggle to escape, it also won't shy away from her bipolar disorder. "We definitely don't tip-toe around that on the show," said Dumont. "You will see her have very high highs of manic bavior and very low lows of depression."

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Plus, new footage revealed at NYCC showed where the series is going now that the Strucker family, lead by former mutant prosecutor Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) is on the run. The premiere episode ended with Reed being captured by the very group hunting his teenaged mutant children.

A super-charged sneak peek at the second episode confirms that Reed will be okay after being shot, but he'll need to answer some questions about his family as soon as he's feeling better. Meanwhile, Blink (Jamie Chung), after over-exerting herself, finds her body destabilizing and even summons a truck while having a seizure.

The Gifted continues Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.