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The Gifted Finale Pits the Hellfire Club Against the Mutant Underground

Goodbye Lorna, hello Polaris

Lindsay MacDonald

For most of The GiftedSeason 1, we've followed the misadventures of the Mutant Underground as they tried to fend off Sentinel Services and stay hidden, but tonight's finale seems to have effectively put that to an end. The Mutant Underground fell, as did their attempts at playing defense. Now, it's time for the Hellfire Club to take the offensive.

After the attempt to kidnap Dr. Campbell (Garret Dillahunt) failed spectacularly, Lorna (Emma Dumont) and two thirds of the Frost triplets took matters into their own hands. Their method of thinking seemed to be "if you can't kidnap 'em, kill 'em!"

While Lorna launched her assault on Campbell's plane at the airport, which just so happened to have a U.S. Senator on board -- that's totally not going to come back to bite them in the butt -- Agent Turner (Coby Bell) launched his own attack on the Mutant Underground headquarters. With most of the key players out in the field, it was up to Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White) to take on the Hounds and defend everyone by tapping into their destructive Von Strucker powers.

Side note: How do these Von Strucker kids always manage to walk away from blasts that level buildings without a scratch? A question for another day...

The Gifted's Emma Dumont Says Lorna is the Magneto to Marcos' Professor X

Sean Teale, Natalie Alyn Lind, Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer, The Gifted

Sean Teale, Natalie Alyn Lind, Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer, The Gifted

Back at the airport, Lorna went full-on Magneto, and despite Marcos (Sean Teale) begging her to spare the innocent people on the private jet, she shot that plane right out of the sky. It's hard to be sad about Dr. Campbell and the bigoted Senator meeting a fiery end, but it does mark the beginning of Lorna's devastating descent into villainy. When she showed back up at the new Mutant HQ, she was rocking a deep-v and a lot of leather and chains, which obviously means she's a bad girl now and possibly even the new leader of the Hellfire Club.

She'll have plenty of mutants to lead too.

Fresh off their crushing defeat at the hands of Sentinel Services, several mutants decided that running was getting old, and it was time to start fighting fire with fire. One of those mutants happened to be Andy Strucker, who's been headed down a dark path the past few episodes. It's hard to tell how much of his rebelliousness is just him being a teenager with a huge destructive force at his beck and call, and how much is just the Frost triplets messing around in his head. It's probably an unhealthy mix of both.

He accidentally exercised some of that destructive power on his own family when they tried to stop him leaving. That was after he tried to use his powers on his sister during an earlier Sentinel Services confrontation. No one was permanently hurt, and Andy may have said he didn't mean to do it, but that kind of loss of control paired with the undoubtedly evil agenda of the Hellfire Club seems like a pretty volatile combination.

The mutants are officially divided now, but we'll have to wait until Season 2 to to see the fallout from this major divide.