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The Gifted's Emma Dumont Says Lorna is the Magneto to Marcos' Professor X

Plus she's pregnant with his kid

Lindsay MacDonald

The Gifted is gearing up for an explosive Season 1 finale that will be coming your way in two straight hours of action. It's practically an X-Men movie, guys!

Lorna (Emma Dumont) will play a huge role in the finale, especially when it comes to the conflict over teaming up with the Stepford Cuckoo's, aka Emse, Phoebe and Sophie (Skylar Samuels). TV Guide talked to Dumont about that tenuous alliance, Lorna's pregnancy, and the future of her relationship with her baby daddy, Marcos (Sean Teale).

The Mutant Underground has officially teamed up with the Stepford Cuckoos, but is there really any trust between these two groups?
Emma Dumont: Lorna doesn't really trust the triplets. Nobody does, they're ridiculous. But you know, Lorna obviously feels that there is a fight to be fought, and that it has to happen now or else their lives are at stake. And Marcos and the rest of the Underground sort of thinks these people are so powerful, the Hound Program, Dr. Campbell, they have powers we've never seen before, they have technology and abilities to take us down.

How is that conflict going to affect Marcos and Lorna's relationship?
Dumont: In the finale we definitely see that they have different opinions, and it really gets in the way of Marcos and Lorna's relationship. They've been walking on eggshells this whole season as far as the relationship goes, and it's heartbreaking because they are each other's perfect match. They're each other's best teammate. They are the person that is most supportive and can get them out of the fire, and they've been through hell together. So, it's horrible to think that they might have to fight a war not hand in hand. And I think that's scary for both of them, but Lorna thinks that's just what has to happen.

So in the finale we sort of see if that does happen. And if it does, what does that mean for the baby? And what does it mean for them as parents? And what does it mean for the mutant Underground? There are only two leaders of the Mutant Underground, her and Thunderbird (Blair Redford). What happens when one of them goes? What happens? Do mutants stay, do they follow her? What's the right thing to do? What's moral? What's just, what's right? There's so many questions and we get into some of those answers in the finale.

It almost feels like Lorna is the Magneto to Marcos' Professor X, just in the way they approach things. Do you guys see that parallel?
Dumont: 100 percent. No, you are totally dead on. I don't know if Matt Nix did that on purpose, but literally that is exactly what it is. Marcos has a Xavier sort of view of the world. His political views and his theory on the world is very much like Professor X, and Polaris is clearly her father.

It sucks. And it also, in the films and in the comics, the Magneto-Xavier sort of relationship is so interesting because they actually are both great men who want great things for the world, but for some reason, they're always at these weird odds of what they believe in and that's such a strange thing. And now, imagine if those people are dating and about to have a baby together. That's exactly what it is.

What do you do? What do you do with that? What do when the person you love more than anything is willing to stand around and stay in hiding, and you know that means they will die? Lorna knows for a fact, if Marcos keeps on "fighting," possibly as he his, that he will die and her child will not have a father, the same way she was raised without Magneto around... Yeah, and again, they sleep in the same bed every night. That's difficult. It gets a little tense.

Sean Teale and Emma Dumont, The Gifted

Sean Teale and Emma Dumont, The Gifted

What are Lorna's feelings about Magneto and the fact that he wasn't ever really in her life?
Dumont: He was never around, which is really, really sad and heartbreaking and terrible... Originally, she was sad because he didn't want to be in her life and that's heartbreaking for a young girl to know that. Her two other parents died, there's nothing they can do to be in her life, but to know that this man knows she's alive, knows she exists, and chooses every day to not actively participate in her childhood and her growing up, breaks her heart.

On the other hand, she hates him. She hates that people think he's evil. She hates that he was some crazy activist. She hates that people caught looking at him sometimes call him a terrorist. She hates that people consider him a bad dude because the truth is he's not, but she doesn't know that because she's been influenced by society so much. So, she hates who he is, but she is also sad that he wasn't there, which is very confusing for any young girl, because, in reality, Magneto was a Nazi hunter, he was a really good guy and always did right and she just doesn't really know that side of him.

And will we see her sort of adopting his take on mutants versus humans?
Dumont: She's staring to realize, "Oh, no. Maybe I do feel exactly the way that my dad did and maybe I thought that these mutants and Marcos and everyone understood me, and maybe they don't understand me so well. Maybe my father understands me the most," because it's one thing to be an outcast and minority in the world, it's another to be an outcast among the outcasts, which I feel very strongly that Lorna is. And that's tough and maybe she's found someone who is the only person who truly understands her, and that's her dad.

So, in the finale, we see her questioning that and wondering, "Gosh, was he not around because he didn't love me or was he not around because he was busy trying to save the world?" She's having a baby, is she going to be there changing diapers, going to daycare? Or, is she going to have to go out and try to fight the Hounds, fight Sentinel Services to better the world and save the mutant race? So, now that's also a thing. Now, she's thinking, "Oh, shoot. Maybe my dad didn't do the wrong thing, maybe he did the exact right thing in protecting me from his lifestyle."

Why do you think being pregnant is increasing her powers? What's the fallout from that new power going to be?
Dumont: Yeah. We've seen the baby's powers... It's strange that she's building more strength from an unborn child. Why? Because mutants don't usually have their powers until they're a little bit older. I could be six, it could be ten, it could be 14, it could be 22, it could be 30. It doesn't matter. No mutants are born with their powers, so why is this baby altering her powers? Is this baby going to be a mutant that's born already with their powers manifested, and why is that? Powers manifest when people are in crisis or they have strong emotions, anger, stress, depression, whatever it is. Their powers come to them then.

In the finale, we see Lorna do something that she has never done before. We've seen her fly, she's pretty powerful, she has great control over her powers. She's had them for a while, but because they're so much stronger, she is able to do so much more and just the strength of her powers is, I'd say, at a Magneto-type level. Not quite as strong as dad, but getting up there. And that's only because of the baby. So, there's just so many questions that need to be answered and that she just has no idea about... The finale, we really see what the baby can make her do and then, next season we'll see. All these questions will be answered for sure.

The Gifted season finale airs Monday, Jan. 15th at 8/7c on Fox.