Charlie Walk, a judge on Fox's new singing competition series The Four: Battle for Stardom, has been accused of sexual misconduct, putting his future with the series — and maybe the future of the series itself — in doubt.

In an open letter posted to her company's website, Life Lab founder Tristan Coopersmith detailed incidents with Walk when the two worked together at Sony's music label. Coopersmith says Walk would call her into her office, close the door and make lewd comments about her body and tell her about the sexual fantasies he had about her. The lengthy letter, which she titled "#Metoo: An Open Letter to Charlie Walk," alleges other times Walk made her feel uncomfortable by using his position of power to make sexual advances toward her when she was 27.

"You invited me to dinners that in hindsight I had no business being at, but you did it so that you could put your hand on my thigh under the table, every time inching it closer and closer to my sacred place," Coopersmith wrote. "You did it so you could lean over and whisper disgusting things into my ear and I had to smile so that no one suspected anything. On multiple occasions your wife was sitting right across from us. And then there was that event at your swank pad when you actually cornered me and pushed me into your bedroom and onto your bed. The bed you shared with your wife... your wife who was in the room next door. You being drunk and me being 6 inches taller was my saving grace."

Charlie Walk, Megan Trainor; The FourCharlie Walk, Megan Trainor; The Four

Coopersmith says she discussed Walk's behavior with another executive at the label, and was paid off to not discuss it further. "I was paid to keep my mouth shut and my reputation intact. I'm ashamed of that piece but it's a truthful part of my story. I took that dirty money and moved to LA," she says.

Walk has moved from behind the scenes to in front of the camera with his gig on The Four, alongside fellow judges Megan Trainor, Diddy, and DJ Khaled. He is currently the president of Republic Records, which represents Ariana Grande, Lord, Black Sabbath and many more.

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Fox released the following statement to TV Guide: "We have only recently learned of these past allegations regarding Mr. Walk. We are currently reviewing this matter and are committed to fostering a safe environment on all of our shows."

The Four airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on Fox.