The focal point of Monday's penultimate episode of The Fosters will be "R + J: A Romeo and Juliet Tale," Brandon's (David Lambert) Shakespeare-inspired musical that seems to parallel the romantic tribulations of the major teenage relationships on the show.

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Playing Juliet and Romeo will cause even more complications for Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) and Mat's (Jordan Rodrigues) already tumultuous relationship."Going into this play, there were some hard feelings Mat had towards her," Ramirez "He's never really forgiven her. [Mariana] has never really moved on. She's never gotten closure. As the play has progressed, [Mat and Mariana's] feelings have definitely [grown]. It's going to be kind of hard because they both have significant others they have to think about — and they're both really happy in those relationships as well."

But, as the drama unfolds onstage, it's Steph (Teri Polo)'s real-life situation that will have hearts racing. She gets a call about a domestic dispute, which brings her to a house that will be immediately familiar to long-time Fosters fans. Even worse, what she finds when she gets inside will have a devastating impact on the entire Adams-Foster family heading into the March 28 season finale.

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