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The Fosters: Brandon Needs a Little Shakespeare to Get Over Callie

Who's ready for a Romeo and Juliet musical?

Megan Vick

The Fosters isn't a show about anyone having an easy time, but Brandon (David Lambert), the eldest of the Fosters-Adams kids, hasn't been able to catch a break since Season 2 when his hands -- and classical piano dreams -- were smashed in his car door.

The road to finding himself as a composer has been a long one, fraught with heartbreak and family tension. Brandon was able to win the Idyllwild composing contest, giving him the chance to perform at Disney Hall, but the victory became bittersweet when he gave in to his feelings for Callie (Maia Mitchell). The star-crossed lovers spent their first night together, only to find out the next day that Callie was going to be officially adopted into the family -- ending their chances of being together.

This season, Brandon will once again turn to music to help heal his broken heart -- but Lambert tells TVGuide.com that it'll come with a Shakespearean twist. "He's in his senior year and he has his senior project coming up. He takes the liberty to do a musical -- an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet," Lambert says. "It's a catharsis for Brandon and over time he realizes that. There's a lot of parallels between Brandon and Callie and Romeo and Juliet. Whether he intentionally did that or not, it remains to be seen."

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The musical will help Brandon channel his feelings because being in close proximity to Callie has become too painful. "It's obviously still [on his] mind and it's still kind of a fresh wound. It still definitely stands that they have to bury it all and try to move on for the greater good," Lambert says. "They can't cut corners here. There aren't any other alternatives or solutions. It's just this. They are really just trying to cope with that idea."

The Callie situation is not the only worry on Brandon's mind though. The midseason premiere revealed that Stef (Teri Polo) is in for a breast cancer battle that will weigh on the entire family as they become aware of her condition. "It's a super heavy thing for Stef to deal with. Stef is already kind of having a hard time with it all and taking it seriously," Lambert says. "There's some delay [in telling the kids]. People can kind of assume that Brandon tends to take things very hard or puts a lot on himself."

On the brighter side, the musical will not only give Brandon something productive to focus on, but it will surround him with new and old friends as he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Lambert teases that some recognizable faces will be pitching in for the big show. "You'll see a lot of people in the play and as part of the cast. Others help with the sets and stuff. It becomes this big thing. There are quite a few episodes that ramp that up and lead up to this production that's put on."

Lexi (Bianca Santos) has already returned, which will no doubt spark some drama with Jesus (Noah Centineo). Who else do you think is going to pitch in?

The Fosters airs Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform.