[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday's season finale of The Flash. Read at your own risk]

The real Jay Garrick was revealed as the man in Zoom's (Teddy Sears) iron mask during Tuesday's season finale of The Flash.

It turns out that Hunter Zolomon (a.k.a. Zoom) (Teddy Sears) didn't just pick the name Jay Garrick out of a hat. He stole it from a speedster from a different universe, who he's been holding captive in his lair as a trophy of Hunter's triumph over the speed force. The prisoner tried to tell Barry he was Jay when they were all stuck together weeks ago, but now we know he was spelling his own name and not trying to tell Barry who was hiding under Zoom's mask.

Even better, it turns out the real Jay Garrick is Henry Allen's (John Wesley Shipp) alternate universe doppleganger. That means that Barry (Grant Gustin) hasn't completely lost his father — and that John Wesley Shipp gets to reprise his Flash moniker from the 90s CBS series.

What the Legends of Tomorrow reveal means for the rest of the CW superheroes

At the end of the hour, Harry (Tom Cavanagh) and Jessie (Violet Beane) returned to Earth-2 to help Jay return to his real home. However, bringing the real Jay Garrick into the fold builds into the Justice Society of America plan the CW's superhero universe is building for next season. Legends of Tomorrow introduced the Justice Society in their season finale last week. In the comic books, Jay Garrick is a founding member and the first chairman of the JSA.

Now that the CW is home to four DC superhero shows — The Flash, Arrow, Legends and Supergirl — they have plenty of cast members to put on their own version of the Justice Society. It also makes a great excuse to bring all four shows together for a massive crossover in the fall.

Were you surprised by the man in the iron mask reveal?

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