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The Flash's Hartley Sawyer Hints Fans Should Keep Their Eyes Peeled for Sue Dibny Clues

We are ready for our new ship, please and thank you

Lindsay MacDonald

It's no secret that The Flash's Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) hasn't exactly had a swoon-worthy love life over the course of the three seasons he's been on the show, but we're stilling holding out hope for him to meet the one. Given how the Season 5 finale saw him opening a case file on a woman named Sue Dearborn (the maiden name of his wife, Sue Dibny, in the comics), we're anticipating a shift in his love life sooner rather than later.

So why are we three episodes into the new season and she's nowhere in sight? Well, Ralph needed to do some serious work on his own self-confidence before he was ready to embrace love. And in Tuesday's episode, titled "Dead Man Running," Ralph did some of that work by having a touching heart-to-heart with his mother about not letting the fear left over from his father's abandonment keep either of them from being open to relationships.

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"I think learning what he learns about his mom and learning the truth, I think he realizes that he has outgrown her," Hartley Sawyer told TV Guide. "I think it gives Ralph a touchstone of how far he's come and how much he's grown in the last couple of years and what's he's capable of and also what he deserves. Because even if Mom doesn't feel like she deserves [happiness], I think Ralph now finally does."

This raises the question: If Ralph is ready for love, how long will we have to wait until he finds it -- with Sue Dearborn or someone else? According to Sawyer, the writers are seeding in a lot of hints during the first half of the season that will pay off in the second, and Sue is part of that, though perhaps maybe not in ways that people expect.

"Viewers might think that they're throwaway things, but when we get to the back half of the season, whether it's Episode 15 or Episode 18, there are some things that are going to circle back around. Little nuggets that ... are going to be really ... crucial story points," Hartley teased. "The Sue aspect is one of those things ... and in the next few episodes we're going to build up to some more things that are going to bring us right to the forefront of Ralph pursuing the mystery and how big of a deal that's going to be. It's not just going to be about him pursuing Sue, it's going to tie into a lot of different things that people are not going to expect and not going to see coming."

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Well, you heard him, The Flash fans! Keep your eyes trained on the small details from here on out, because you never know which one of them might become one of those "crucial" story points later on.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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Hartley Sawyer, The Flash

Hartley Sawyer, The Flash

Robert Falconer