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You May Want to Rewatch The Flash's Theater Scene for Clues About the Rest of the Season

Time to go clue hunting!

Lindsay MacDonald

When The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace announced that Season 6 would change the format of the show, splitting it up into two separate parts, we figured it would be a fun way to reinvigorate the aging show. What we didn't expect is to find that the first half of the season would turn into an Easter egg hunt for massive clues that would become relevant in part two.

That seems to be the case though, especially when it comes to a particular scene in Tuesday's episode, "License to Elongate." It may have been fun watching Barry (Grant Gustin) and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) race against the clock in James Bond-like fashion to stop a missile from being fired at Central City, but we can't ignore that the attack was orchestrated as a demonstration for criminals to bid on a new weapon. And said demonstration took place in a grand theater, with an audience of anonymous evildoers watching on.


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According to Wallace, those evildoers might not turn out to be so anonymous after all. "This whole season there's stuff underneath stuff in plain sight that really all pays off in the back half, especially in what you just watched," Wallace told reporters at a press screening of the episode. "Remember what you see in the audience there. There might be people who have already filmed episodes in ways that you don't expect. We're trying to be circular and plant seeds... You might see quite a few people in that episode again."

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We're keeping our eyes peeled for more sightings of January Galore, since it definitely seemed like we'd be seeing her again. Guessing from the way she gleefully stayed to watch Barry and Ralph fight on stage instead of running like the rest of her criminal cohorts, it's obvious she'd make a great minor villain in the back half. But the one person we know for a fact that we'll be seeing more of, is the instantly lovable Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight).

"He'll be back -- we're kind of working that out in the writers' room now," said Wallace. "But it's another case where, 'OK, he's come out of the black hole. Now he's alive. What does he look like when he's facing a bigger challenge?' So we're kind of trying to come up with that next story as we speak."

"He's a good audience identification character because it's new for him," Wallace added. "We're a six-season show, it's very much the idea that we need somebody who this is all fresh and exciting to and the audience can see all the fun stuff."

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Here's hoping Chester gets to enjoy another dance montage in Star Labs, because that was one scene we could have watched go on forever and ever!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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