Vanessa Williams Vanessa Williams

Mom is coming for a visit on The Flash. The super series has cast Candyman and Melrose Place's Vanessa Williams as Iris' mom, Variety reports.

Exactly how she'll make her first appearance on the show is yet to be seen, but the show is already expected to reveal more about the Iris, Joe and the West family in Season 2. Keiynan Lonsdale has already signed on as Wally West, known in the comics as Iris' nephew and Barry's sidekick. We also don't yet know how he'll factor into the show's canon.

You won't have to wait to see Cisco's powers again on The Flash

Williams will be joined by her Candyman co-star Tony Todd, albeit in a very different role. He is voicing the villain Zoom in the new season. You can get your first look at him in a new trailer.

Also, check out the new half of Firestorm, the new guy Jay Jackson, played by British actor Franz Drameh as a "mystery hero."

The Flash returns for Season 2 on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 8/7c on the CW.

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