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The Flash Boss Breaks Down How the COVID-19 Shutdown Will Affect Season 6 Story

A huge cliffhanger is on the way

Lindsay MacDonald

Ever since production on The Flash shut down due to COVID-19 concerns back in March, we've been wondering when the show would run out of new episodes to air. Other CW series have had to air early finales, but showrunner Eric Wallace says that's not going to be the case for everyone's favorite speedster.

The CW announced earlier this month that there are plans to finish out the season for three of its currently shut down shows: Legacies, Supernatural, and The Flash. That means when The Flash runs out of episodes in May, the last episode won't serve as a stand-in finale, but we'll have to wait for production to start back up before the final episodes of Season 6 can air. As for where that will leave the story, Wallace said a cliffhanger is definitely on the way.

"Basically what we do here on The Flash is I break every season like a movie. So every graphic novel is broken into a movie structure of Act One, Act Two, Act Three," Wallace told TV Guide. "Act One was Episode 610 to 613, Act Two is 614 to 619, and then the finale, 620 through 622 were Act Three. We shot all the way through Act Two of our movie when production was shut down. So basically, that was a good thing, considering what was happening, because the end of Act Two, like any movie, there's usually a big cliffhanger and it's usually really epic. And thankfully it looks like we're able to finish post-production, barely. As we speak, we're trying to get the shots in, but I'm cautiously optimistic we can get to the end of Act Two in our movie so that the audience, even though they might be left hanging a little bit, it's at least designed to be a break in the story."

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We're honestly not sure if that's good news or bad news at this point. On one hand, we won't have a wishy-washy finale that leaves storylines in limbo, but we will have a major cliffhanger and then a long wait as Barry's (Grant Gustin) world hangs in the balance. We didn't realize it was possible to be this excited and this scared all at the same time!

As for what exactly this cliffhanger will be, Wallace was obviously keeping a tight lid on spoilers, but he had two words of advice for us: "Get ready."

Well, isn't that just deliciously dire!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Candice Patton, The Flash

Candice Patton, The Flash

Shane Harvey, Shane Harvey/The CW