Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has to get used to not having his speed since he handed it over to Zoom (Teddy Sears) in exchange for Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) on The Flash.

Tuesday's episode "Back to Normal" not only took a minute to show Barry adjusting to a non-extraordinary life, but gave an inside look at Zoom's next steps as he holds Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) hostage on Earth-2. While the hour predominantly set up the final arc for the rest of the season, a few gasp-worthy moments need to be addressed.

Caitlin V Killer Frost: Move over Batman V Superman, "Back to Normal" featured a throw down of wits between Caitlin and her evil doppelganger Killer Frost. After Caitlin was duped into freeing her alter ego from her Zoom confines, Frost made a treacherous (though predictable, because she's a bad guy) move and tried to kill Caitlin. After all, the only reason Zoom was keeping Killer Frost alive is because she's a twin of the only person in the world he cares about so there's only room for her or Caitlin to exist. Before her icicle could pierce Caitlin Zoom showed up and used it to impale Killer Frost instead. You were a fun villain, evil Caitlin, but it was time for you to go.

Grant Gustin, The FlashGrant Gustin, The Flash

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The man in the iron mask: Caitlin was so focused on defending her wardrobe to Killer Frost that neither of them made time to help the man in the iron mask - despite his repeatedly delivering crucial information to Team Flash. Zoom warned Caitlin that if she also tried to free him that he'd die as well. So the question remains: Who is the in the mask and why is he so important to Zoom? It seems that is a question that will have to wait until the finale. We haven't forgotten about you, sir, I promise.

Zoom's Deadly Plan: Zoom has decided that keeping Caitlin until she falls in love with him while he has his way with Earth-2 is not enough. The multi-verse has opened his eyes to new opportunities and he wants to conquer all of the Earths, beginning with the central Earth-1. The scary thing is that with Barry currently speed-less, Zoom has a pretty good chance of pulling it off.

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Harry's Deadlier Plan: Barry may not be a normal paced person for long! At the end of the episode Harry (Tom Cavanagh) proposes Team Flash recreate the particle accelerator explosion so that Barry can get his powers back. Yes, the particle accelerator explosion that created all of the metahumans. Yes, the particle accelerator explosion that also gave Zoom his powers. Yes, the particle accelerator explosion that almost leveled Central City. Earth-2 Wells wants to recreate that disaster but try to focus it so it only affects Barry. That doesn't sound dangerous or like it would have unwanted consequences at all. The debate over whether they should do it takes center stage next week.

What was your favorite moment of The Flash's "Back to Normal"?

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