It's been over a year since Amazon saved The Expanse from cancellation, and we finally have our first look at the former Syfy series' anticipated return. Stars Steven Strait, Wes Chatham, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Frankie Adams, Cas Anvar, and Dominique Tipper, as well as executive producers Naren Shankar and Ty Franck, appeared at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, where they debuted the trailer for Season 4.

The new season will follow the plot of Cibola Burn, the fourth installment in James S.A. Corey's book series, as the crew of the Rocinante explores the planet Ilus, which is on the other side of The Rings that opened at the end of Season 3. The footage reveals our first glimpse of this planet that has become the site of a new fight between the Belter refugees who colonized it and the United Nations, who seek to control it. But on top of the people Holden (Strait) and his crew meet along the way (who aren't exactly thrilled by the new visitors), Ilus comes with its own set of hidden dangers — ones that aren't concerned with factions or alliances.

In addition to releasing the trailer, the cast and producers announced the premiere date: The Expanse will return for its fourth season on Friday, December 13.

When the new episodes hit Amazon, fans can also expect plenty of new faces rounding out the cast. Burn Gorman will play Adolphus Murtry, the merciless chief security officer on the U.N. ship who develops a tense relationship with Holden. Lyndie Greenwood will play Dr. Elvie Okoye, a biologist studying the life on Ilus. Rosa Gilmore will play Lucia Mazur, likely the show's version of Ilus doctor Lucia Merton. Lily Gao, Keon Alexander, and Jess Salgueiro will also appear.

The first three seasons of The Expanse are available to stream on Amazon. Season 4 will premiere on Friday, December 13.