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Darlene and David Almost Get Caught In This The Conners Sneak Peek

She's got some tough choices to make

Malcolm Venable

The Conners promises to dig into the budding romance between Dan (John Goodman) and his high school pal Louise (Katey Sagal) in Season 2, examining whether Dan is ready to move on after the painful death of his wife. Dan isn't the only Conner trying to get his love life sorted this go-round though! It looks like Darlene (Sara Gilbert) will be plucking Cupid arrows out of her back too!

As Season 1 wound down, Darlene has second thoughts about moving to Chicago with Ben (Jay R. Ferguson), her boss-turned love interest. All was going fine at first, and she even had the blessing of Becky (Lecy Goranson) and Dan. But when her old flame and co-parenting partner David (Johnny Galecki) got wind that Darlene might be leaving, he thwarted those plans with a guilt trip that ultimately helped convince Darlene to stay in Lanford.

With Season 2 well underway, Darlene still has some tough choices to make, deciding which suitor will win her heart; as seen in this exclusive sneak peek, Darlene's got David upstairs when Ben pops by, making for a very awkward encounter. The right choice seems pretty clear if you're into thick beards, not being gaslit and unexpected meat trays, but, hey, sometimes feelings an old flame can cloud your judgment.

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The Conners' airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Jay R. Ferguson, Sara Gilbert, The Conners

Jay R. Ferguson, Sara Gilbert, The Conners