Whitney Port, The City Whitney Port, The City

On the eve of The Hills' series finale, series creator and executive producer Adam DiVello is looking ahead to a new season of his other show, The City.

Led by Hills alum Whitney Port, the series wrapped its second season Tuesday with Port and BFF Roxy Olin still on the outs after a disagreement at work. Port was contemplating signing with one of her mentor's rival PR companies. Although the New York-based series has yet to be officially renewed for a third season, DiVello already has big changes in the works.

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"We're kind of tooling with that and messing with that show so I think when it comes back, it's going to be a little different than what you've seen. But it will be a better incarnation of it," DiVello says. "We have a bunch of new people lined up and a bunch of new locations. We just kind of branched it out. We're just waiting for the word."

The City already has one major makeover under its designer belt. In the middle of Season 1, the show's focus shifted from Port to a more career-oriented and fashion-focused series, thanks to a new story line set at Elle magazine.

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No matter what changes the third season brings, DiVello, a native New Yorker, says The City will remain dedicated to the professional world rather than the party scene as long as it's based in the Big Apple. "The City focuses more on work because New Yorkers are more career-driven," he says. "They don't mess around."

Although there's no cloning the roller-coaster relationship of Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby Brescia or the dramatic, trouble-causing ways of Kristin Cavallari, DiVello hopes The City is able to fill The Hills' shoes now that the latter is off the air once and for all. "We did Laguna Beach back in the day and The Hills was a progression of that and I feel like The City will become the next level of that," DiVello says. "It's a nice little graduation."