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The Bold Type's Katie Stevens Teases Which Guy Jane Picked

Is it Ben or Pinstripe?

Lindsay MacDonald

Love was most definitely in the air during The Bold Type's Parisian Season 2 finale, but while Sutton (Meghann Fahy) got her happily ever after and Kat (Aisha Dee) got asked for "space," Jane's love life was left entirely up in the air.

After deciding to freeze her eggs as a precaution in case she had the BRCA gene, Jane (Katie Stevens) was left with a pretty tough choice to make. With both Ben (Luca James Lee) and Pinstripe (Dan Jeannotte) vying for her affections (and weirdly enough to help her pay off the $12,000 the medical egg-freezing procedure would cost), Jane couldn't make up her mind which guy would make the best boyfriend -- and potential father? Until Kat asked a pretty simple question. If Jane got really good news, like that her recent article about the double standard for men's and women's healthcare at Stafford got published, who would she want to call first?

Jane seemed to know exactly what the answer was, but of course we were left in limbo as to who she'd picked. Luckily, Katie Stevens is here to shed a little (a very little) light on the subject.

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How soon into Season 3 will we find out which guy Jane picked?
Stevens: About five seconds into the start of the show.

Obviously you can't say who she picks, but what was your reaction to finding out who she went with?
Stevens: I mean, I was happy. I am happy Team-Jane-And-Whoever-Makes-Her-Happy. So I think she made the right choice for her, and I'm excited for everyone to find out. But it's like really hard for me to keep it a secret, because the person that it is, I'm not allowed to take pictures with them or even show that they're on set. So kind of difficult.

Why do you think it ended up being such a simple choice for her to make?
Stevens: Well, I think it's more like, "Who can I not picture not being with. Who can I not picture saying goodbye to or not hanging out with or talking to. I feel like the heart is pretty simple when it comes to that. I think the heart knows what it wants, and if you just listen to yourself, you can figure it out. I think for Jane it was as simple as that, like who do I want to go to and tell my good news to.

There was a lot of shifting happening in the girls' romantic lives this season. How is that going to affect the group dynamic moving forward?
Stevens: I mean, I think the girls always lift each other up, whoever is down the other two kind of rally around them. I feel like the girls did that with Jane this season through the BRCA storyline and all of that. Now Kat going through this thing with Adena, the girls will be there for her and help her through it. So I think it only changes the dynamic in terms of who's the person who needs to be uplifted. But I will say that the first episode of Season 3 is one of my favorite episodes of The Bold Type thus far. It was just a really fun episode. So I am excited.

Katie Stevens and Dan Jeannotte, The Bold Type

Katie Stevens and Dan Jeannotte, The Bold Type

Philippe Bosse, Freeform

Jane did make that decision to freeze her eggs, which was kind of a big one. Will we see that storyline continue on into Season 3?
Stevens: Yeah. I think Season 2 was more about Jane figuring out what she wanted to do. And, kind of, carrying the burden of that and shouldering that weight. I think that, that was kind of heavy and emotional for Jane. And, so Season 3, I mean, I only know what happens in the first two episodes, but from what I've seen so far, it's less of the burden of it and it's now more like, "All right, I have this information and I chose what I want to do. So, now, how do I live my life to the fullest?" I think that's what we'll see more of in terms of how she tackles that.

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Do you hope one day you'll ever get to play with a storyline where Jane does get diagnosed with breast cancer?
Stevens: I mean, obviously my heart would love for Jane to never have to go through that. But, if she did I feel like you know, I would try my best to honor people who have gone through that experience and do my best to tell that story correctly.

Jacqueline might be in some hot water next year. What can you tease about the fallout of her posting that article and whether Jane will be feeling a little guilty about whatever the consequences are?
Stevens: Oh yeah, Jane is famous for feeling guilty. I think [you feel guilty] any time you do anything that puts anybody in a position of their job being in jeopardy or them getting in trouble. And it's something that Jane has to deal with. It's very easy to feel like, "Oh s---, I did this!" Jacqueline's had such longevity in her career and to have that be jeopardized because of Jane, yeah I feel like Jane is going to feel awful. Actually I know Jane feels awful, but I will say, you think she is in jeopardy and to some extent she is, but, I will tease that I still have scenes with her thus far. Whether or not those scenes are in the office I will not say.

I love that we got to meet Jane's brother over the phone this year, but do you think we'll get to meet any of her family members in person in Season 3?
Stevens: I would love that. I feel like we see Jane and the way that she is... in terms of pushing away her vulnerability and how she had mourned the loss of her mom and how that affected her -- I think that has to do a lot with her dad and her brother, and obviously how as a family they dealt with her mom's passing and how that's affected her. I would love to see her confront them about that, and not in any sort of way but just kind of asking why things were dealt with the way that they were. Because, I don't really think, and I have to talk to the writers, but for me it feels like after she passed there was no real continual check up. You know, "How are you feeling, are you okay with this?" So, I would just kind of like to see her talk to them about how it affected her. I feel like that would be like a big weight off of Jane's shoulders, and kind of be a good coping mechanism I guess for her.

The Bold Type will return in the Spring of 2019

Katie Stevens, The Bold Type

Katie Stevens, The Bold Type

Philippe Bosse, Freeform