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The Bold Type's Katie Stevens Reacts to That Huge Sutton Bombshell

Plus, does Jane have a new love interest?

Lindsay MacDonald

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from Thursday's episode of The Bold Type. Read at your own risk!]

The Bold Type Season 4 is back in a big way! In the midseason premiere, we got to watch Jane's (Katie Stevens) recovery from her double mastectomy, Kat (Aisha Dee) deal with her newfound unemployment, and Sutton get some pretty life-changing news.

From the moment Sutton (Meghann Fahy) first threw up, we were like, "OMG is she...?" And yeah, it turns out she and Richard (Sam Page) are going to transition pretty quickly from newlywed life to pregnant life. Meanwhile, Jane was having a hard time adjusting to her new body as well as her new job (and the employees that come with it) at Scarlet. As for Kat, well... let's just hope she doesn't find herself without a place to live if she can't find a job that will also allow her to post about her political opinions.

TV Guide caught up with Katie Stevens to talk about Jane's emotional journey in the midst of a breakup, a promotion, and a life-changing surgery -- plus, what Sutton's baby bomb will mean for the rest of the season.

Katie Stevens, The Bold Type

Katie Stevens, The Bold Type

We got to see Jane be a little uncomfortable in her own body in the wake of this surgery. Can you talk a little about this journey she's on to accept this new body of hers?
Katie Stevens: I think as women, we have trouble accepting our bodies as they are. We look in the mirror, and you're never satisfied with the way that you look or the way that you feel, that's never talked about first of all. So it was really important to the writers and to me that we further that and talk about somebody who's post-surgery, post-removal and not an augmentation. She got implants that are the same size as her old ones thinking, you know, "I'll just have this surgery and then they'll put new ones on that'll look just like my old ones, and it'll all be good." The struggle for you to accept a new reality and especially, I think, when you have implants, it's like, "Wow, this is not a part of me. This is something that's artificial that's inside of me, and that's crazy." I don't have them, but I imagine that that's how they feel. 

So kind of stepping into that, personally, for me as Katie, I think that especially being in the industry that we're in that is so consumed by image, I think it's always hard to accept yourself and to just look in the mirror and be like, "Yeah, I'm good. I'm cool with what I'm seeing and who I am, and that's great." I think that there's always, "I need to look this way to feel good enough to be in the position that I'm in or to be an actor who people are going to see on screen." And I think that for Jane, she's just trying to find some sense of OK-ness and normalcy. And now she has to look in the mirror and try to kind of do that search in a different way. "Do I look enough like my normal self?" We see her first day at the office so consumed by, "Are people seeing these? Are people going to know that they're not mine?" And I think that was a really interesting and fun journey for me to play because it was preying on insecurities that we all have. Absolutely. 

And how is she coping emotionally with this tumultuous time where she's also just lost Pinstripe (Dan Jeannotte)? 
I had conversations with the writers early on because I was like, "I know we're going to be really heavily leaning into this post-recovery story of her breasts and all that. But we've spent four seasons with these two characters in this on again off, again relationship... So I really love that in kind of that recovery montage, we do see a text come up from him just saying, "I'm thinking about you." Because he's still a good guy and he had been through everything with Jane leading up to this moment. And so I was happy that they had that and kind of showed her be emotional about it and then showing her at the end kind of coming to a point where she's OK for the most part. We'll see her talk a little bit about how difficult it has been for her to move on from who she was before the surgery and to move on from the relationship and all of that. So we're going to see kind of all of these things weigh really heavily on her shoulders as we move forward.

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And what can you say about where this new career move is taking her, especially concerning this new writer of hers who just so happens to be incredibly cute?
Stevens: When we saw Jane in the pilot walking into the office and talking about all the people that she's admired, who have worked there and worked their way up, now she's kind of one of those people. She's working her way up the ladder to hopefully become a Jacqueline, and this is just like a small step for that. So now she's basically her own editor, and now she's going to have some employees. I think that that is not something she takes lightly, and it's a job that she's always dreamed about. Then, of course, obviously, there's the obstacle of now an employee that is attractive and smart and kind, and we're going to kind of see that be a little bit of a challenge for Jane. I was really excited, obviously. Dan Jeannotte is my ride or die, and I love him, so it was kind of difficult. I was like texting Dan, like, "I have a new love interest, and I don't know how I feel about it, and I miss you!" Then when I started working with Mat Vairo, he is absolutely the loveliest, so kind, so talented. I think that the people who cast this show really just always give me the jackpot of not only incredible actors but also really good people... I'm really grateful that they've given me two really lovely, professional, respectful men to work with. I'm excited for people to meet Mat's character. His name is Scott, and I think that it's a different dynamic than Jane had with Pinstripe. And I think that he challenges her in a different way. And so I'm excited for that to play out.

Do you think Jane is ready to move on romantically? Or is she going to be timid about it?
Stevens: I think that you're going to see that struggle. You're going to see her kind of try to date -- not Scott, but try to just kind of put herself out there again with the support of her friends. You're going to see how she struggles with that. Not only moving on from Pinstripe but also moving on towards being intimate with somebody else with her new body and with her new breasts. I think that that's really interesting. When you've been kissing one person for a really long time, and you've been in the same body for a really long time and then both those things are changing at the exact same time, I think that it's kind of like the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.

Speaking of her supporting friends, OMG Sutton is pregnant! What can you tease about Jane and Kat's reaction to that and how they'll try to be there for her during this pregnancy storyline?
Stevens: I won't say too much, but I think that any time your friend is pregnant or expecting or moving into a new phase of their life, you're obviously excited for them, especially if it's something that they want. I think that you're going to see Sutton battling with what she wants out of life and what this would mean for her moving forward. She just got the job of her dreams, and she's moving into that, and she's faced with a whole bunch of new realities. Meghann is just so beautiful and wonderful as an actor and, I know what happens, and I'm still always so moved by her performances and the way that she tackles all of her storylines.

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I know you guys had to shut down production before you could finish the season, so without going into spoilers what can you say about how that will impact the end of Season 4?
Stevens: I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty heartbroken that we have shut down because there are so many storylines -- and especially Episode 15 is kind of actually an homage to that Modern Love show. Each act of the show is going to be a different character's storyline, and they're all going to kind of like intersect, in a way. But that episode had so much meat in it that was leading towards our finale. So then when we had to end with 16, I know that there are a lot of stories that happened in 15 that we were trying to connect to 17 and 18, and now that we don't have 17 and 18, I know that they were trying really hard in the edit to make it feel like as much of a finale as we could... So there was a lot with Jane's storyline with her moving towards being a boss and things with her and Jacqueline, and also things with her and Scott that we were going to see a lot of in 17 and 18, which, unfortunately, we won't. So I hope that fans are able to watch 16 and appreciate it for what it is, knowing that we had other storylines to give everybody, not closure, but like a really good finale. Those episodes that we didn't get to finish were really incredible. So I think our hope is that we will get another season, once it is safe to go back and film, and that we could finish up the two episodes that we had left so that we can kind of get those out there with a Season 5 or at least have some parts of those storylines be part of Season 5.

The Bold Type airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

Katie Stevens and Aisha Dee, The Bold Type

Katie Stevens and Aisha Dee, The Bold Type