The Bold Type got a visit from President Trump tonight (or at least New York City did), and they pulled no punches when it came to jokes at Trump's expense.

The president's motorcade that rolled through Manhattan and 45's dinner reservations inconveniently next to the Steinem building in The Bold Type's penultimate episode provided for a pretty cool scenario in which most of our favorite characters were trapped in the Scarlet offices, waiting for Trump to finish his meal down the street and for protestors to free up the area. Jokes about Mar-a-Lago being Trump's real home and a six course dinner (complete with a time-consuming soufflé and two scoops of ice cream) "that man" ordered made it clear what this show's writers think of President Trump.

Amidst all the easy shots, Jane (Katie Stevens) and Sutton (Meghann Fahy) found themselves spending the evening with the two guys they've been trying to keep their hands off of.

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Jane's cold turkey breakup with Pinstripe Guy (Dan Jeannotte) went on hold briefly when she found out that he'd been laid off from Pinstripe. Does this mean she'll actually have to start calling him by his name? Hopefully not, since Janestripe is a much cuter ship name than any mashup of Ryan and Jane ever could be.

Shipping aside, Jane had a hard professional decision to make tonight, and we can't help but feel like she chose wrong. Doing the thing that scares you most is good advice sometimes, especially for people as tentative as Jane, who decided to take the exciting political reporting job at Incite. Still, it's hard to shake the feeling that something hinky is going on with Incite. The name itself seems to imply that their purpose is not so much information as it is inflammation, and given that Jane is still very green, this could be a perfectly paved road to hell. The job offer sounds a little too good to be true.

Aisha Dee, <em>The Bold Type</em>Aisha Dee, The Bold Type

Meanwhile, Sutton's heartbreak over Richard (Sam Page) may have had her calling him up last week, but with Alex (Matt Ward) there to distract her with a some flirting and fashion, she got her mind off of it long enough to have a drunken tumble with him. At this point, it's getting more and more difficult to tell who we're supposed to be rooting for in this love triangle. Sutton seems to have an easy camaraderie with Alex, and their deep connection balances nicely with their fun and carefree dynamic. Richard, on the other hand, seems to be where the passion and romance — not to mention Sutton's heart — is at. The best kind of love triangles are the ones you can't quite make a decision on, so we're content to watch and see where this one goes.

Finally, let's talk about Kat (Aisha Dee). Having freed herself from the office just in time to miss the protests, Kat found herself rushing to the airport to spend a few final hours with Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) before she was deported due to her work visa expiring.

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Their spur of the moment, romantic plan to run away together might have seemed like stuff dreams are made of, but ultimately it's probably for the best that Kat couldn't go through with it. Making a major life decision under a ticking clock (not to mention with no packed bag or notice given to her friends, family or boss) is just not the way to jump headfirst into a relationship. Kat's inability to take the big, romantic leap will no doubt be a stumbling block later on, but for now it's probably served her well.

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