The Bold Type delivered a double dose of heartbreak for Jane (Katie Stevens) and Sutton (Meghann Fahy) tonight, but while Sutton's relationship is probably dead in the water, the 'Janestrip' ship will apparently stay afloat.

We sat down with Stevens to talk about Jane's emotional breast cancer storyline, future Tinder woes, and what makes The Bold Type so relatable to its many, many female fans.

Young women are responding to this show with so much enthusiasm, what do you think The Bold Type has that makes it so relatable?

Katie Stevens: The stories are great, and I think a lot of it is they've given us freedom to ad lib and kind of make things our own. We girls really took that into the friendship between Kat (Aisha Dee), Jane and Sutton because the friendship that they have is really our friendship. We get to incorporate that and kind of meld two worlds, which is cool. Like when we're saying, "Hey munchkin," or stuff like that, those are really things that we're saying to each other in our own friendship.

It's nice that we have such a platform given to us by the writers. There are these sweet, sweet moments, and we get to incorporate little things like our nicknames or things that we do together or things that we know make each other laugh.

Are we going to see Jane's positive BRCA test play into her story moving forward?

Stevens: I think true to Jane form, she's kind of that person that even though she likes to pretend that she's open, she's still very guarded because of that experience that she had. I think there even is a line that I say like, "I know I haven't talked about it since I found out, and I don't plan on starting to talk about it now," and then I give someone advice.

I hope that coming into Season 2, it's something that we touch on again and maybe meet Jane's family and see how she was raised and where and why she ended up where she did. I assume they're still in Colorado, doing something totally different, but yeah, it was a very, very emotional episode.

I lost my best friend to cancer two years ago. My boyfriend's mom passed away from breast cancer when he was very young, so when I read this script I went to the writers, and I was kind of like, "Did I tell you guys about Paul's mom?" The things that I was saying were things that he has said to me time and again. It just goes to show that those experiences, if you've lost somebody to something like breast cancer at a young age, everybody kind of has that same experience that Jane had.

Fans had a great reaction to that story. Was that gratifying for you guys?

Stevens: That was something really beautiful; that I was able to hear fans talk about how they either got tested for the BRCA gene or they lost their mom when they were young or their grandma or their aunt or somebody close to them. It is always kind of a crazy feeling to read comments from people and know that they had that experience, and it just makes me want to do my job more authentically.

Katie Stevens, <em>The Bold Type</em>Katie Stevens, The Bold Type

Poor Pinstripe (Dan Jeannotte) got broken up with tonight, what can you say about the future of Jane's relationship with him?

Stevens: Poor Janestrip! The ship may sink tonight, but it stays afloat. It could rise again.

I think it's a frustrating episode to watch because you're like, "Jane, what are you doing? You really like him!" And then you're like, "Pinstripe, what are you doing? You really like her! Why are you guys not communicating like normal people?"

It's the same thing that happens with Richard and Sutton. None of these adults are communicating like adults. But I think things need to blow up so they can get pieced back together. I will say it's not the last you see of Pinstripe. I ship my own ship.

I did kind of like Landon (Michael Xavier) though. He was sweet.

Stevens: He was sweet! Jane says he was thoughtful and emotionally mature and whatever that line is that I say. It's not that Jane doesn't see that in Pinstripe, but I think that recognizing it in another person made her realize what she really wants. I think she just has a preconceived notion that because he's a sex writer he's dating a bunch of people and that monogamy is just not really what he is, but she never really asks, so she doesn't really know. You'll see that addressed later on.

Will she and Sutton bond over their mutually broken hearts?

Stevens: Yes. Next episode we do some group Tinder because we all realize that we're all single at the same time. Jane gets everybody to do group Tinder, which I think you can assume doesn't really go as planned.

What else can you tease about next week's episode and Jane's dilemma about seeking employment at a place that's not Scarlet?

Stevens: Any time you have a dream job of where you want to work, it's so incredible and I don't think that people realize it could go away. I always say even in this industry that I'm in — I'm on a show today, but the show could get cancelled. I could not be on the show tomorrow, so I just have to enjoy where I am.

For Jane, when she's hearing about the layoffs, she doesn't know that she's going to be fired, but I think there's that moment of panic. The stakes are really high ... and she doesn't really want to do it, but she kind of needs to think about options, which is a thing that she's never really thought of before. She's just always had her heart set on Scarlet.

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.