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The Best New Shows on Netflix This Week - Chef's Table, Hold the Dark, Made in Mexico

Netflix just dropped a TON of content this week; here's your guide!

Tim Surette

Looking for something to watch on Netflix this week? We've got all your recommendations of the best new Netflix shows right here.

If you've decrypted all of Maniac and solved all the cop cases alongside Tony Danza in The Good Cop, then it's time to move on to the next wave of Netflix series. This week is light on the heavy serialized dramas but thick on food (and wolves eating people for food). Still, after several weeks of big releases, this is one of the quieter release weeks for the streaming service. It's nice of Netflix to pull back a little and let broadcast television have its time.

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Let's go through all the Netflix releases this week, shall we? And if you're looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, click over to our Watch This Now! page.

(All titles are out Friday, Sept. 28 unless specified otherwise.)

The Big Releases

Chef's Table, Season 5
Do you eat food? Me too! And maybe it's just me, but I prefer food that looks and tastes great. That's why I'm into this docuseries about grub that's so beautifully shot, it's quite literally a feast for the eyes. Season 5 of Chef's Table follows four chefs who aren't quite celebrity status but have unique stories to tell, like Cristina Martinez, an undocumented immigrant who feeds Philadelphia with her authentic barbacoa to support her family back in Mexico.

Hold the Dark
The latest and most expensive from arthouse thriller director Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room) heads to the Alaskan wilderness for an epic battle of man vs. beast. Or is it man vs. beastly men? Westworld's Jeffrey Wright plays a wolf expert (cool) whoinvestigates the death of a boy at the paws of wolves, and Alexander Skarsgard plays the boy's menacing father who apparently puts on wolf masks and shoots things? I'm thinking the wolves aren't the problem here. (Trailer)

Everything Else, Including Anime!

Made in Mexico, Season 1
American has made being rich and good-looking the lifestyle of choice, but it turns out being rich and good-looking anywhere on the planet is pretty great. Who knew? Made in Mexico is essentially The Hills set in Mexico City, with glamorous hunks and hotties hooking up with each other, starting businesses and fighting after knocking back a few too many. International reality shows are the next best thing to getting on a plane for cultural immersion.

El Marginal, Season 2
Scare your kids straight with El Marginal, an incredibly violent drama about an undercover cop who witnesses firsthand the chaos that goes on inside an Argentinian prison. It's like Oz, but with some disgusting creep named Toad who runs the prison. (Trailer)

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, Season 2
Dads are funny, especially old ones. Raunchy British comedian Jack Whitehall takes his pa Mike on an adventure around Europe where the gap that needs to be minded is the generational one. The key to Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father is chemistry, which Mike and Jack have oodles of. (Trailer)

Here Are the 100 Best Shows Right Now

Lessons from a School Shooting: Note from Dunblane, Season 1
This documentary short focuses on a bond forged between two pastors who share an unfortunate commonality: they were both pastors in communities that were affected by tragic school shootings. Father Bob Weiss buried eight children following 2012's Sandy Hook Massacre, and Father Basil O'Sullivan helped the town of Dunblane, Scotland heal after 16 children were gunned down in 1996, and their lives became intertwined when O'Sullivan relayed his experience to Weiss in letters. (Trailer)

Reboot: The Guardian Code, Season 2
This is The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, basically, but with CGI animation and more rapping. Season 1 of Reboot: The Guardian Code aired in March; I don't trust any show that fits two seasons into a single calendar year. (Trailer)

Skylanders Academy, Season 3
You're better off asking your toddler to explain this one, but I'll give it a shot. Spyro the Dragon, a harpy, a rock-type thing, an elf-looking monstrosity, a gremlin-ish whatever and other beasts work with a wizard to fight a bad guy. You'll be on your phone while the little ones watch Skylanders Academy so does it really matter what it's about? (Trailer)

Two Catalonias
This film looks at the independence movement in Catalonia, and the divisions within the movement that were stoked during the contentious 2017 referendum for independence. Drink anytime someone says "Barthelona." (Trailer)

Joe Rogan: Strange Times
It's Joe Rogan, on stage, making jokes. Remember when he was on NewsRadio? (Tuesday, Oct. 2 / Trailer)

MeatEater, Season 7
MeatEater is a battle of man vs. beast! If man had high-powered sniper rifles, state-of-the-art bows, knives and enough equipment to take over a small country, and the beasts had just their teeny, tiny brains. Hunter and conservationist (?) Steven Rinella hunts down animals and then eats them in this series of snuff films. A perfect follow-up to Chef's Table. (Tuesday, Oct. 2 / Trailer)

Creeped Out
Give your young ones some nightmare fuel with Creeped Out, a collection of spoooooky stories aimed at pre-tweens. Yeah, having your kids watch horror before they go to bed seems like a wonderful idea. (Thursday, Oct. 4 / Trailer)

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