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The Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron Reveals What Drinks He and Hannah Will Order on Their Date

Catching up with Hannah's runner-up

Liam Mathews

Tyler Cameron had his heart broken by Hannah Brown in The Bachelorette's Season 15 finale when she got engaged to Jed Wyatt instead of him, but he's doing just fine. The 26-year-old former football player has the adoration of Bachelor Nation, potential TV gigs in his future, and maybe even another shot with Hannah now that they're both single again and planning to get a drink after this Bachelorette whirlwind settles down.

TV Guide caught up with Tyler the day after the live finale and found out what he and Hannah will order when they do get that drink: He said he'll get a beer or a tequila soda, and Hannah will probably order white wine or champagne. But as for when that will happen, he has no idea. "I think we're first trying to get in the same state as each other, and then kind of go from there."

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If that drink doesn't lead to a relationship, would he like to be the next Bachelor? "That's something I'd have to sit down and really kind of weigh out the pluses or minuses and see if that's something I really want to do," he said. "It's a tremendous opportunity, I think it'd be an amazing opportunity, but it comes to my responsibility and I really got to just sit down and see if it's right for me, if it's what I want. It's a lot to take on, so I'm not 100 percent sure about it yet." And it's the show's producers' choice anyway, and he doesn't know what direction they're going to choose.

And we learned on The Bachelorette how much Tyler loves to dance and saw how good at it he is, so would he consider going on ABC's other reality show powerhouse, Dancing with the Stars? He'd love to! "As a kid, I always said I wanted to go on Dancing with the Stars and that football was going to be the way I got onto Dancing with the Stars," he said. "My football career didn't work out, but maybe this could help me get on Dancing with Stars one day." He said he'd give it his all, because he's a competitor.

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He didn't talk to Jed at yesterday's taping, but they'd spoken briefly once since the breakup and just wished each other the best. They'd been friendly during filming, but that's been a tough relationship to maintain, for obvious reasons. "I'm sure he's going to a tough time right now as well," Tyler said. "And I think he needs his space, and that's kind of how I've been treating it."

Watching it all unfold last night, Tyler felt sorry for Jed. "I'm just disappointed in how this has all ended for [Hannah], because I wanted her to be engaged and happily on her way," Tyler said. "Whether it was with me, or Jed, or Peter. I thought she had three great men at the end, and I'm just disappointed to see how it all turned out." But he believes that Hannah is an incredibly strong woman and she is going to do whatever she wants. "The world is hers and she'll be just fine," he said.

Tyler was refreshingly different from a lot of guys on The Bachelorette in that he really seemed to mean it when he said he wanted a strong, independent woman, and respected Hannah's choices every step of the way. He said he didn't have to learn to be this way, it's just how he's always been. "I've always been attracted to strong women," he said. "I just think it's so impressive and sexy and it's motivating, too. I love when someone is driven and motivated and motivates me. And so I love a strong woman, and Hannah really defines being strong."

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